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Welcome to the humor funny fun page. This is our place for online jokes, humor topics and pretty much anything that might make you laugh. You should be able to find topics that are funny to you, or at least make someone laugh if not you.

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While sandwiches the next day and fully aware that I was being reckless,Humor holding the turkey with my left hand as I used my right to slice the breast nearer to my own instead of turning the bird

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I should have been sleeping like a log!! I was asked recently, how do I manage my time juggling both work and looking after 3 young kids at the same time? I dont usually answer them immediate. Not t

I forgot where I got this from but take a look at some of the ridiculous laws that we have here in the Democratic Republic of Illinois. City Laws in Illinois

Everyone describes home as sweet home. I too loved its sweetness till I realised there existed creatures who mistook our phrases for their word meanings. Its the mighty ants that am referring to.

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With festive season in full bloom and Diwali hardly three days from today, I have been busy shopping and adding goodies to our home. Shopping ideas for men have always varied vastly from what we women

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We all need a moment of humor to reflect upon every once in a while. Some of you have already seen this. I myself, just got it today from a co-worker. Its a humorous view of the prices we pay per gal

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