Humor That Works

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Studies show that once you reach a certain threshold money cant buy happiness. But enjoying what you do and following your passion can increase happiness, so

Get started using humor in the workplace today with these great tips that will make your work more effective, efficient, and fun.

Humor That Works isnt just a website, consulting service, or fun play on words. Its a belief. A methodology. A way of working: smarter, better, and happier.

To learn more about the purpose of this site, read the Humor That Works Manifesto. To learn more about the host and MC (thats me), check out About the Humorist.  To read moHumorre than 400 posts read by over 1 million visitors worldwide,new york escort visit the blog. And to see how Humor That Works can help you and your organization, take a gander at the HTW offerings.

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It doesnt mean becoming the company clown or business jester, or even using humor just for the sake of fun (though dont let that fool youyou will have more fun than if you won Humor That Worksthe lottery). Humor That Works is about using humor in the workplace to achieve results. Its about leveraging the power of levity to become a better leader,Humor manager, and direct report. Its about siphoning the strength of mirth to give better presentations, increase understanding in trainings, and be more productive. Its about time to move on, because you get the point.

Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor.

In need of a speaker, trainer, or coach? Learn why more than 100 organizations have chosen Humor That Works..



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