Core Tennessee

Common Core History and Fact Sheet.

With the right support Core,new york asian escorts we know all students will rise to the level of expectations set by the Common Core State Standards. We look forward to working together in this transition to create a better future for all Tennessee students.

TN-ELDS Early Literacy and Language Summer Training Materials

K-3 Reading Units

The transition to new standards givesCore us the opportunity to revisit instruction to support all students. Effective teaching requires continuous improvement and the Tennessee Department of Education is committed to providing educators with resources and information throughout this transition to support reflection and spark meaningful conversation.

The Common Core State Standards will prepare Tennessee students with essential knowledge and skills to compete in an increasingly global environment. These standards emphasize thinking, problem-solving and creativity through next generation assessments that go beyond multiple-choice tests to increase college and career-readiness among Tennessee students.

Options for Rollout of TNCore Summer Training forMathandELA

K-3 Reading Online Learning Core TennesseeSeries



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