Cameras Cyber-shot Compact Digital Camera

Beauty Effects allows edits to skin tones, skin smoothing, shine removal, eye widening, and teeth whitening. Beauty Effects can be combined to further enhance the image.

welcome to we apologize but this site is not yet accessible for our visually impaired customers. in order to provide you the best possibleCameras Cyber-shot Compact Digital Camera service, please call one eight hundred two two two seven six six nine for assistance.

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Wi-Fi lets you quickly upload photos and videos to social media sites through your Wi-Fi smartphone or tablet, back them up on a network-connected PC, or view them on a large screen TV.

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Get amazingly close with up to 50x optical zoom plus 100x Clear Image digital zoom. Most digital zooms use electronic cropping to get closer to the subject, resulting in unsharp images. With Clear Image Zoom the powerful processor compares patterns found in adjacent pixels and creates new pixels to match selected patterns, resulting in more realistic, higher-quality images. Clear Image Zoom doubles optical zoom for closer photos.

With the ability to shoot up to 10 frames per second (fps) at full resolution,new york asian escorts those fleeting,Cameras st-action momentslike the game-changing instant when ball meets bat or your babys most adorable smile yet?are now easier than ever to capture.

Snap a perfectly-lit shot every time. To capture both the highlight and shadow of high-contrast scenes, Backlight Correction HDR mode takes multiple photos at different exposures, then processes the best elements of each into one dynamic shot.

CMOS sensor, or a full-frame 24.3-megapixel sensor that matches 35mm film for range and scope. In addition to manual control for creative freedom, you can save pictures as compact JPEG files and/or ultra-high quality RAW files. Combine with a high-performance BIONZ processor and youve got one of the most powerful compacts available today.

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Shoot great photos and HD video in any situation, even low light. The back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor performs beautifully in darker settings to reduce noise and enhance features like zoom, shutter speed and resolution to deliver the richest, sharpest, most gorgeous images possiblewithout a flash to spoil the mood of the moment.

Picture Effect adds a new level of expression to photos, ordinary landscapes and portraits come to life by heightening mood and emphasizing certain attributes. There are nine different effects such as partial color to make your focal point stand out, or watercolor which looks like a painting.

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Achieve exquisite image quality with award-winning Cyber-shot R Series cameras. Choose between a 20.2-megapixel large 1 Exmor

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