CORE Impact Pro Core

network devices

Broaden your understanding of penetration testing:

Visit the CORE Impact Pro Resources Center for data sheets Core, product reviews, whites and more.


end-user security awareness

CORE Impact Pro is the most comprehensive, commercial-grade penetration testing product available, enabling you to conduct real world assessments across a broad spectrum of risk areas.

If you look at the reports that you get from running tests using Impact, every vulnerabilityCORE Impact Pro Core is prioritized; this allows you the ability, within a relatively short timeframe, to define your biggest risks and generate the same types of assessment data internally that youd typically get from third party consultants. – Security Architect Royal Borough of Windsor-Maidenhead, UK

As weve used CORE Impact Pro over the last year, it has helped us satisfy the expectations of our customers in helping them address their most significant security challenges more effectively, and met our business needs in delivering higher quality services and training engagements. – Head of Foreign Trade Picopulse

Were commited to providing customers with responsive and thorough training,new york asian escorts certification and support.

Information Security Manager, University of North Florida:  By taking control of the penetration testing process with CORE Impact, we can now test as often as we want. Read more

commercial-grade development, CORE Impact Pro allows

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network systems

web applications

endpoint systems

The most comprehensive penetration testing solution for assessing and testing critical security vulnerabilities

conducting testing .

Created in-house by a dedicated team of developers, all CORE Impact exploits are guaranteed to be effective, comprehensive, stable and current.

comparing options

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CORE Impact provides us the parameters that best meet the standards we require. Being able to efficiently, easily and professionally demonstrate a penetration test is a significant tool for our instructors. – Assistant Professor and Senior Research Scientist, ITOC United States Military Academy at West Point

you to evaluate your security posture using the same techniques employed by todays cyber-criminals.

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wireless networks

Backed by 15+ years of leading-edge security research and

mobile devices

what to look for

One of the biggest challenges for any university is to maintain a high level of security while fostering an open network that allows for research and creativity. To achieve that level of flexibility you truly need to understand where your biggest weaknesses may be at any given point in time and worry about those first. – Security Specialist, SITEL Team University of Qubec at Montreal

pen testing resources


IPS/IDS, firewalls, defenses  



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