Welcome to CoRE Core

You may be asking yourself, why live on CoRE? Well, for starters, you get to live with people that are just like you! We all like the same things and share commons interests, we can guarantee you will be friends right away. Our residential floor is the most social and tight knit floor on campus, hands down. When we get visitors from other floors,new york asian escort model they are shocked to see how social and friendly our floor really is.

So if you like computers, robotics or engineering and you also like friends and being a part of awesome events that help out yoWelcome to CoRE Coreur community, CoRE is the place for you. We guarantee it will take your experiences at Binghamton University to a whole new level both academically, and socially. So please, take some time and check out our awesome events, read a little about our history Core, or learn about joining CoRE and check out an application..

CoRE is a special interest housing community located in the Dickinson Community in Binghamton University. We are a collection of students that share common interests in Comupters Robotics and Engineering (CoRE!). Together we create an awesome and diverse student body with majors ranging from English and Geology to Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. Together we work as a group to promote technological awareness both in ourselves and in our community.



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