Humor Dance eCard

data-views=87,420,650 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/251/disco?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

data-views=1,956,679 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=tHumor Dance eCardrue data-make_url=/personalize/204480/russian_dance?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

Let JibJab be your dancing instructor! Upload 2 ces of your choosing to star in this classic Mexican dance and watch things g…

data-views=2,683,049 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/204466/brazilian_samba?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Jump

data-views=14,171,626 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=lse data-make_url=/personalize/247/can_can?jjchannel=ecards&deprive yourself of the ability to dance the 19th centurys most ribald dance number. Cast up to 5 dancers in this dance…

data-views=12,201,739 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/659/irish_step?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Tap

template box for Irish Step

Want to shim sham shimmy a few soft shoes with JibJab? You dont need a pair of tap shoes to shuffle off to buflo, just uploa…

You and a friend can have the disco experience without having to wear polyester or own a time machine. Cast a disco dance and g…

Fold your arms, get low to the ground and cast five comrades in JibJabs traditional Russian Dance, with the hottest moves this…

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template box for Mexican Hat Dance

data-views=4,188,493 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/203184/arabian_nights?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Arabian Nights

data-views=3,560,957 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/203129/mexican_hat_dance?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Chiquita

You dont need talent or a big band to tuck, turn, and flip in this Starring You swingdance, just upload two ces onto our pro…

Let this JibJab be your dance instructor, by uploading 4 ces of your choosing to two-step and doe-see-doe in our Starring Yo…

data-views=4,837,695 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/461/ballet?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

data-views=3,521,856 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/204493/gettin_physical?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Brazilian Samba

data-views=392,094 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/204833/jump?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

Capture the subtle beauty of ballet – kind of – with JibJabs take on the classic dance. Its funny, its st, its all but g…

data-views=41,653,438 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/204786/gangnam_style?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

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template box for Swing

Youll go loco for this traditional Mexican folk dance! Cast yourself as one of these talented mariachi dancers and youll be …

Prove youve got moxie and cut a rug in our Charleston dance,new york asian escort roaring 20s style! Al Capone would want it that way.

Let this JibJab be your dance instructor, and get that hula experience without having to wear coconut halves (trust us were do…

data-views=16,934,435 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/303/breakin?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

Wish you could have your own personal genie? Well, our funny eCards take it one step further and turn YOU into the magic-maker….

Fill up your beer stein, take a swig and cast 5 of your friends in this classic German Polka. Its sure to be wunderbar!

It doesnt matter if your last name is OMalley, Scaglietti or Chang – with our Starring You Irish Dance eCard, everyone is Irish!

You dont need cardboard or talent to break-dance in this funny video, just upload ces onto our professional breakers and you…

Gangnam Style meets JibJab style when you star in the viral music video thats taken the world by storm!

template box for German Polka

template box for Breakin

You and a friend can keep it Rio when the two of you star in a Brazilian Samba dance that youll be sure to go nuts for. Brazil…

Kris Kross will make you JUMP! when you star in JibJabs tribute to the years hip-hoppiest dance.

by clicking submit, I confirm that I am at least 14 years of

data-views=3,591,691 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/248/charleston?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Tango

template box for Charleston

data-views=4,668,780 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/249/chiquita?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Hula

template box for Disco

data-views=4,670,423 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/376/tango?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

Shake your maracas (and your butt) and send this funny dance to friends. When they see the Chiquita, theyre sure to go bananas!

data-views=4 Humor,845,694 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/250/la_cucaracha?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

data-views=2,579,675 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/204532/german_polka?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

data-views=6,149,137 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/253/square_dance?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

data-views=9,837,020 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/252/hula?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Ballet

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template box for Square Dance

template box for Russian Dance

data-views=3,366,575 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/391/swing?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

It takes two to tango, two pictures that is. Upload two ces onto our professional ballroom dancers, clench a rose in your tee…

template box for La Cucaracha

This video wont give you an aerobic workout, but it will let you show off your y moves in a Spandex outfit. And isnt that…

template box for Gangnam Style

data-views=2,514,099 data-tpl_preview_asset_url= data-premium=true data-make_url=/personalize/460/tap?jjchannel=ecards&cancel_casting_url=/ecards/dances&category_id=9 >

template box for Can-Can

template box for Gettin Physical



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