Humor Birthday eCards

A birthday eCard that answers the question, How would Jesus celebrate? You bring the water, JC will take care of the wine!

Put yourself in this y striptease and youll give that special lady a birthday present shell never forget; even unwrap it!

Give that r out birthday chick a hilariously boogielicious treat by her the queen of the roller disco!

A quirky song urging the birthday person to do what they please, no matter how weird it is or where they end up!

Give your friend the gift of smooth grooves and hot moves, courtesy of Soul Train. Itll be their happiest funkin birthday ever!

For the birthday person with a twisted sense of humor, this video shows that you cant make a cake without murdering a few eggs!

Put yourself in this y striptease and youll give that special guy a birthday present hell never forget; even unwrap it!

Everyone loves expensive presents, but a dancing hot dog with your friends ce on it is more fun. Cheaper too, so its win-win!

Your friend knows exactly what they want on their birthday. This ecard reminds them to settle for nothing less!

Birthday boy in da house! Check out these mad birthday wishes with bangin beats and raw man-sta rap lyrics!

Know someone who takes the party with them wherever they go? Wish them a celebration that just keeps on going!

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but this card makes your friend the star. Oceans of birthday fun!

Lots of women age with perfect dignity and grace. Screw that! This hilarious e-card urges her to shake that money maker while she still can!

Cast the birthday girl in this funkadelic Soul Train dance video and let her know shes more than just foxy, shes r funkin out!

Shake your maracas (and your butt) and send this funny dance to friends. When they see the Chiquita, theyre sure to go bananas!

Delicate, colorful watercolor images come to life in this short and sweet birthday wish. Simply beautiful.

Cast the birthday person in this yoga video to give them all the enlightenment with none of the pain. Namaste!

Cast your coworkers in this hilarious, st-paced, musical birthday greeting. Everybody cut loose and let the good times rip!

Cast the birthday boy or gal in this wild, rootin-tootin cowboy song to wish em a birthday thats keister-kissin good! Yeehaw!

By putting your ces in this e-card, you can send someone a virtual surprise party! Much easier than breaking into their house!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Your friends appearance in this EXTRA cool vintage newsreel is guaranteed to make their birthday EXTRA fun!

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age and agree to JibJabs terms of service and privacy policy.

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Is the birthday boy testy about aging? This nutty e-card is just right for the guy who thinks birthdays are like a kick in the… well, you know.

Its sweet beats and sweeter eats in this hip-hop ode to birthday treats! Birthday girl needs some sugar!

In vintage film style, an Upstanding Citizen (note the respectable coat and tie) gently breaks the bad news: Youre old.

Beatboxing flautist Greg Pattillo brings you Happy Birthday like youve never heard it before.

Styles come and go, but coolness is forever. A birthday song for someone who was,new york asian escorts is, and always will be cool!

Give that r out birthday dude a hilariously boogielicious treat by him the king of the roller disco!

Make your friend shred a blistering guitar solo in this hard-rocking eCard and help them crank up their birthday way past eleven!

Forget T-Rex. Birthdayicusaurus is king of the party animals! Add your friends ce and let the monster fun begin!

Theres a set of wheels for every life stage. Send a little reminder that every age can be a sweet ride!

All signs point to a happy birthday when you cast the birthday person as a wacky sign spinner with some epic moves!

If birthday cakes could sing, you might expect their song to be soft and sweet, with delicious harmonies. Youd be wrong.

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The birthday person is the star — literally! — in this cosmic eCard that puts them at the center of the universe!

Brighten a friends birthday with a short and sweet eCard thats sure to give them a warm glow.

While youre wishing your friend a happy birthday, their gallbladder has a few choice things to say too. Not happy things.

Putting your friend in this dance video will prove that they can still bust a move, along with an arm, a leg, and maybe a hip.

Kick off the birthday celebration on a dramatic note. After all, the party hasnt really started until the opera puppet sings!

Listen up yo, cuz now its time for the hip-hop sound of a birthday rhyme! A perfect way to say, Rappy Birthday!

For todays cat lover, unlimited feline cuteness is only a click away. A purr-fect wish for a purr-fect birthday!

Aww, swinging bulldogs! Cute enough to take a friends mind off the birthday you missed. What birthday? Exactly!

Take your friend back to the age of hot dance moves and polyester.The perfect way to celebrate aHumor Birthday eCardsnother year of staying alive!

Getting older isnt so scary when set to the tune of a beloved childrens song. Send someone a little inspiration to party while they still can!

Your birthday wish is late. Wally the Weatherman predicts resentment developing into anger. Itll blow over soon. Mostly.

Every woman knows that being bad can be oh, so good. And this smooth, devilish cake is as bad as they come!

For a super birthday greeting, just put your friend in this cartoon and let Hat Girl, Cake Boy and Gift Man bring the happy!

Put a ce on this sizzling male body. Because when it comes to treats for the birthday girl Humor, you cant go wrong with beefcake!

At last! The perfect eCard to wish a friend a dynamite birthday thats literally exploding with fun!

This perky porker delivers a Happy Birthday wish as only a dancing pig can. What a ham!

Sometimes the birthday excitement is so great, you cant hold it in. Perfect for someone whos a whiz at partying!



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