on NPR, the BBC and CBC; and in many art and feminist texts. We are authors of stickers, billboards, many, many posters and street projects, and several books including

Guerrilla Girls On Tour, Inc., is a touring theatre collective founded by three former members of the Guerrilla Girls. GGOT develops original plays, performances and workshops, street theatre actions and residency programs that dramatize women’s history and address the lack of opportunities for women and artists of color in the performing arts.

We’re feminist masked avengers in the tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Wonder Woman and Batman. How do we expose ism, racism and corruption in politics, art, film and pop culture? With cts, humor and outrageous visuals. We reveal the understory, the subtext, the overlooked, and the downright unir. Our work has been passed around the world by our tireless supporters. Just in the last several years, weve appeared at over 90 universities and museums, as well as


GuerrillaGirlsBroadBand, Inc., was formed by a founding Guerrilla Girl, four former members of the Guerrilla Girls, and a bevy of young, next-generation feminists and artists of color. “The Broads” combat ism, racism and social injustice, exploring such taboo subjects as feminism and shion and discrimination in the wired workplace through their website and live interactive activist events.

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Guerrilla Girls, Inc.,new york asian escort model was established by two founding Guerrilla Girls and other members to continue the use of provocative text, visuals and humor in the service of feminism and social change. They have written several books andGUERRILLAGIRLS create projects about the art world, film, politics and pop culture. They travel the world, talking about the issues and their experiences as feminist masked avengers, reinventing the “f” word into the 21st century.

Buy any two books, posters and/or t shirts and get a free pdf of The Guerrilla Girls Hysteria Book.


We’re part of Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women Campaign in the UK; were brainstorming with Greenpeace. Weve unveiled anti-film industry billboards in Hollywood just in time for the Oscars, and created a large scale installation for the Venice Biennale, and street projects for Krakow, Istanbul, Mexico City and Montreal. We dissed the Museum of Modern Art at its own Feminist Futures Symposium, examined the museums of Washington DC in a full page in the Washington Post, and exhibited large-scale posters and banners in London, Athens, Bilbao, Montreal, Rotterdam, Sarajevo and Shanghai.


More creative complaining! More cts, humor and ke fur!

In 1985, a group of women artists founded the Guerrilla Girls. They assumed the names of dead women artists and wore gorilla masks in public,Humor concealing their identities and focusing on the issues rather than their personalities. Between 1985 and 2000, close to 100 women, working collectively and anonymously, produced posters, billboards, public actions, books and other projects to make feminism funny and shionable. At the turn of the millennium, three separate and independent incorporated groups formed to bring ke fur and feminism to new frontiers:


More appearances, actions and artworks. We could be anyone; we are everywhere.



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