Funny picture galleries_ Humor

Last night, Miley Cyrus proved once and for all she has no longer associated with the childhood innocence of Disney Channel. We get it, Miley. Let your freak flag fly. Just not too close to the rest o

With the recent announcement of Ben Affleck playing Batman in the upcoming Man of Steele movie, the internet has been a flutter with who should have actaully gotten the role. Well dont worry internet

This goes to show that no matter where you are or what youre doing the most important thing to have is a camera at the ready. 

Congrats, guys, you didnt die. Now go live your life to the extreme because youre clearly invincible.

How early is too early to know what your baby is going to be? Not like,new york asian escorts boy/girl, but like good/evil. Do you believe in te? Ultrasound looks like creepy old manpoo_smudge.

Last week was our annual Offline Show at the Gramercy Theater here in New York City. Before the show started, we showed a bunch of ke ads that we made and now, FINALLY, one of the interns put them a

Let us learn from their mistakes. And also laugh at them. You can view the rest of these cringe-worthy tattoo mishaps here.

When youve got nine of them Humor, you can affFunny picture galleries_ Humorord to totally screw one life up. Just make sure theres some nip nearby.



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