Jordan School District Secondary Language Arts Core

Jordan School District Secondary Language Arts Core Jordan School Districts source for information relating to the ELA Core.

Check out these DIGITAL BOOKS with assessments that feature inJordan School District Secondary Language Arts Coreformational texts. Super resource you CANT miss!

As we reviewed the Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project (CCCM) Core, we recognized that much time, effort, and money was spent to provide a thematic context within which to teach the standards. Rather than reinvent what has been created,

I would love to have the template used for the unit plans. These plans are awesome but would love to tweek some of them and make my own. I have been looking for a great template and this is it.

LeAnn,new york asian escort model if you go to our districts website and log onto either the middCorele or high school links, you can download the unit plans onto Word.

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The process model encourages a variety of rich language arts experiences within the context of a universal theme with accompanying essential questions that stimulate reflection and may cause students to re-evaluate and adjust their thinking over time.

We realize the materials found on this webpage are a work in progress and encourage our teachers and administrators to offer feedback and contribute additional resources at the bottom of this page. Please bookmark this page for future reference as the maps and resources will continue to be updated.

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Want to find help with teaching students how to perform a close reading using effective guiding questions? Go here:

Although there are many ways to approach the teaching of core standards, the Jordan School District adheres to a process-model which seeks to actively engage students in reading and writing and allows for a broader definition of literacies and texts (Grierson, Nokes, Draper. Re-Imagining Content-Area Literacy Instruction p. 116).

You MUST see excellent Core Utips prerequisite knowledge tests to assess gaps in students learning. Go here NOW:



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