Dynamic Drive Cameras

If youve found Favicon Generator to be useful, please help us spread the word by displaying the below badge on your site:.

Thats it! Note that your vicon may not appear immediately after youve completDynamic Drive Camerased the above two steps. In ct, it may take a few days, and in IE Cameras, sometimes the vicon will disappear from time to time due to a browser bug.

Upload the generated file (vicon.ico) to your site. Verify its there by typing in the browsers location, where mysite.com is your sites address.

Use this online tool to easily create a vicon (vorites icon) for your site. A vicon is a small,new york asian escorts 16×16 image that is shown inside the browsers location bar and bookmark menu when your site is called up. It is a good way to brand your site and increase its prominence in your visitors bookmark menu.

Next, insert the below code in the HEAD section of your pages, at the very least, your sites main index page:link rel=shortcut icon type=image/x-icon href=/vicon.ico

After youve created a neat vicon, its time to add it to your site. To do so, follow the below procedure:



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