Humor Reise Durch China

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Apologies to all the readers who were anxiously awaiting the remaining half of the Reise nach Linzhou () Saga. You can read the first part here. The ult is entirely my own, []

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Greetings Humor, fellow cadets!  You tuned in at just the right time for another AMAZING ADVENTURE.  We last left our HERO in PERILOUS DANGER at the hand of SEVERAL SMALL CHINESE []

Note:  To cut down on entry length, I have decided to split this into two parts.  This is the part one. Roughly one week ago, I had the opportunity to []

NOTE:  This, as with numerous other posts,new york asian escorts will be a two part afir.  Stay tuned for the second half soon. The story of a man who just wanted to lead []

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This is the third and last segment on my blog entries covering my trip to Beijing.  You can read  part ONE here, and part TWO here. In the last part []

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Whats your  junction?   Ah hell, Ill never be like School House Rock. Now its no secret that I have been living in China for the better part of []

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NOTE:  This is the second part of a  three-part blog post describing my impHumor Reise Durch Chinaressions of Beijing.  You can read the first part here. In the last post, I left off []

Ladies and gentlemen, I have splendid news!  Im getting married.  My definition of marriage, you must understand, rather differs from the standard textbook definition.  Mine happens to involve procuring a []

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