Canon Digital Cameras

Please tell us about the quality of the product. This is a top-notch, almost leica quality digital rangefinder-esque camera.

5.0I have had a lot of digital cameras over the years but they are now on the shelf collecting dust. This camera has many features that only high end cameras have. An example is the capability of taking 10 photos in a second with one press of the shutter release. Thats a nice feature when taking photos of animals (or children) when they are constantly moving. You pick the best photo out of the ten and delete the rest. Another nice feature that I use a lot is the ability to take a photo of a person inside a house with a big bright window behind them (back lighting). Most cameras will darken the ce so much that it wont show up in the final photo. This camera takes three to five photos at one click of the shutter release, averages the lighting and then where there is a dark ce it will lighten it up to match the rest of the picture. It works like magic. Sony has a big advantage of features, quality and simplicity in use that other camera manucturers dont have. I recommend…

Was the product free of any manucturer defects? Completely Free! be sure to upgrade to the latest firmware!

4.0Great for little preteens and teens, has a lot of fun photo tools built into the camera. It allows for them to take self portraits, and also take pictures of their little siblings with the funny cartoon displayed in front of the camera. I would not recommend this for older children or adults, as its just too hard to use for sharing Cameras,new york escort youll want a real keyboard for entering in data. Canon Digital CamerasBut for kids with their enormous patience it is fine.

5.0Overstock quickly shipped this camera to me after an order verification which is totally understandable! This camera did not come with a lens, however, I am using it with old lenses Ive collected in the past such as m42s and M mount lenses. There are plenty of adapters that you can purchase to use on this amazing camera! The menu does take some getting used to but eventually becomes second nature and focusing is a total breeze! If youre looking for a pro-sumer digital camera and want something a little above the rest, get this now! Thank you, Overstock!

Was the product free of any manucturer defects? no, it stopped working and I just order it on May 28, 2013.



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