the_power_of_humor_ Humor

: And it seems that humor really has a kind of magic. If you are humorous, you will always attract a lot of people around you. To be with a humorous people, you will never feel bored..

: Thats right. And whats more, people who have a sense of humor are usually popular in a team and even be the focus of attention in any gathering. And as r as Im concerned, most of humorous people are very intelligent, so those guys will probably become someone.

: Oh, Ive got it. How cool it is. Its not only humorous but educational, I like this one.

: Enso whats that?

: Really? So, whats thatthe_power_of_humor_ Humor? Do you mind sharing it with us?

: Eggs.

: Hi, What are you talking about? ,new york asian escort why do you laugh out of breath. What happened?

: Oh, Ive just heard a humorous story from , its so funny that I almost cant stop laughing.

: Of course not. Lets play it for you. The joke happened between a teacher and a student. Now I am the student, and is the teacher. Lets start.

: Thats really great. I love humorous story. You know, humor is quite universal in our daily life. And the power of humor is immeasurable. Its beneficial for both our physical and psychological health.

: Ok. , why dont you wash your ce? I can even see what you had for breakst this morning.

: Yeah, humor really brings us a lot. Not only the laugh but the relax and the liberation of pressure. So I often find some humorous story for relaxing. And you know, humor has many types, and some riddles can also be humorous. For example, .What weather do mice fear?

: Wrong,Humor teacher. That was yesterday.

Talk about the power of humor. Share the humorous story or typical joke with your classmates.

: What was it?

: When its raining cats and dogs.



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