Juniper Networks? Core

Packet TransportThe Juniper Networks CorePacket Transport solution enablesJuniper Networks? Core operators to build a dense MPLS Core with multilayer provisioning with efficiencies and intelligence in both packet and transport layers. The Packet Transport solution is built on the PTX Series, a purpose-built platform with the latest ASIC technology for dense switching and low power and costs, all of which are optimized for a multilayer Packet Transport solution.

Mobile Core NetworkJuniper Networks packet core network solutions for mobile carriers use MPLS to control traffic flows and integrate the transport of ATM and Frame Relay traffic into a multiservice mobile packet backbone. At the same time, they maintain the quality of associated with ATM and Frame Relay connectivity..

IP/MPLS CoreService providers rely on multiservice IP/MPLS cores with a reliable,new york escort Core high-performance, flexible, architecture that can carry todays wide breadth of services intelligently and cost-effectively. Juniper Networks T Series routers deliver the investment protection, seamless scalability, and industry-defining innovation that meet all service provider network requirements.



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