ops-core? Core


FAST Helmets in upcoming Doug Liman sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise, to be released in 2014

FAST Helmets in the new film Zero Dark Thirty, which chronicles the decade long search and capture of Osama bin Laden.

June 14, 2013 Press Release: Ops-Core® RAC Headset Awarded Best Communications Product for the Soldier

FAST Helmets on Canadian Special Operations Forces (CANSOFCOM)in a new action packed video

FAST Helmets in NatGeos show Inside Combat Rescue detailing the work Coreof Air Force PJs in combat zones.

After starting the revolution in military headgear six years ago, Ops-Core has relentlessly pursued our focus in providing system level solutions to the modern warfighter. Since every mission and duty position is different, Core we have not compromised our brand with a one size fits all mentality that typically limits the performance of high quality equipment. This is the reason we offer six different helmet models and over twenty unique accessory lines dedicated to augmenting their functionality. We know our customers are experts in what they do,new york escort so we dont try to tell them what they need. Instead, we give them a variety of options to choose from. All meticulously designed to excel at their specific purpose. All carefully built to work together in harmony.

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FAST Helmets featured in EAs new game Medal of Honor Warfighter



Cool stuff in the media:

FAST Helmet in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

January 11, 2012 Press Release: Gentex Corporation acquires Ops-Core, Inc.

Countless options for countless missions,ops-core? Core one soldier at a time.

FAST Base Jump Helmets in The Avengers


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