SiliconCore Technolog?

If you have any questions at all,new york asian escorts Core please click on the link below to start a chat session. Usually available from 8am to 8pm Eastern USA time zone.

The video wall above represents what customers have had to put up with to make a large display. SiliconCores Orchid display technology with a pixels just 1 by 1mm and a pitch of a mere 1.9mm, easily impresses all viewers as close as a few feet from it. BCoreelow you can see what is now available with our exciting Direct View LED display technology.

Please view the video to the right of a 720p with 1280 pixels horizontally. This was featured at the InfoComm 2012 Show in Las Vegas. Here are some cts about SiliconCore Technolog?the Orchid 1.9mm in this 720p configuration:

Thanks for visiting our site today! Our design team is working hard to make our website as innovative as our displays. Please check back often to see our progress.


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