How to Have a Sense of Humor

When you told the latest blonde joke at the bar with your buddies (several rounds after beer thirty), they almost fell out of their stools laughing.

Know the difference between being funny and having a sense of humor. Both are important, and its usually difficult to have one without the otherbut its not impossible.

Not all kinds of humor appeals to everybody, and some humor simply cannot be brought into everyday life. For example, bad puns such as those in Airplane (Im not kidding, and dont call me Shirley) can be used anywhere, with the worst result being agonized groans, whereas reenacting the Niagara Falls bit from the Three Stoogesphysically assaulting peoplecould get you hauled to the hoosegow.

Dont make tasteless jokes at funerals or weddings. Even those with the keenest senses of humor will simply find you loathsome or boorish.

Stay above the fray. To develop a sense of humor about things, try and stay objective. Much that we call humor is victim related: the guy who slips on a banana peel; the bartender in those endless guy walks into a bar jokes; or the poor schmo who says NiaHow to Have a Sense of Humorgara Falls.

Having a sense of humor is one of the greatest assets a person can have. Not only will you be prone to spontaneous laughter and mirth, it will help lower your stress levels, interact more easily with others, and even diffuse difficult situations. Whats not often understood is that you dont have to be funny to have a sense of humorjust the ability to see the lighter side of things. Well show you how to recognize and develop your own, unique sense of humor.

Tell that same joke to your blonde date, and youll pretty much guarantee youll be watching Star Trek rerunsby yourselfin about 1/2 hour.

Understand context. What might be humorous, or even funny, could also be seen as clueless, or even tasteless, depending on the situation.

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If you are that person who slipped on the banana peel and ended up in traction for six months, you might not find banana peel jokes funny at all. However, if you recognize the irony; are not above understanding that you, too, are llible; and that youre collecting a million-dollar settlement from the people who tossed the banana peel in your path,new york asian escort youll have found the humor in it after all!

Trying to be funny without a sense of humor is usually seen as bitter, sarcastic, Humor and nasty. To cultivate a sense of humor, try and avoid this.

Lighten up. Not everybodys humor will be the same as yours, and what might tickle them to death might make you yawn, or even want to throw sharp objects in their general direction. Instead, find the humor in the situation. Maybe laugh at how sincere the would-be comedian is, or upon looking around the room, realizing youre not alone in thinking chuckles is not as funny as he thinks.

Watch and learn. If youve already got a sense of humor, you know what makes you laugh. If you dont have a sense of humor, you have a lot to learn! In either case, take in a funny movie, or a YouTube clip on occasion. It might broaden your sense of humor, or help you define for yourself what you think is funnyor not. The worst that could happen is that youll laugh.

If youre that blonde date in the above scenario, just laugh, knowing you just learned something that will help you avoid a terrible mistake. Alternately, you could say Did you hear the one about the guy who had the best night of his life after telling his blonde date a blonde joke? No? What a coincidence, neither have I! Thanks for dinner, I have to go now.

Unless youre a professional comedian, its not a good idea to try and joke your way out of a dangerous situation. If youre in a legal situationeven if youre a professional comedianconsider yourself in the no joking section. When they say Order! Order in the court! do not stand up and say Id like a ham on rye, go easy on da mustard! Judges might think its funny to sentence you to 30 days for contempt of court.

Having a sense of humor means being able to laugh ator at least see the humor inlifes absurdities. You do not need to be funny to have a sense of humor.

Find your funny bone. This is the first stepand probably one youve already got the answer to. There are various types of humor, from the witty humor of Mark Twain, to the physical humor of The Three Stooges, to the dark humor of George Carlin.

Being funny means being able to express humor of one kind or anothermaybe a pratll, or a witty pun, or a good joke, well-timed. You do need to have a sense of humor to be funny.


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