Education Competencies Humor

Where to find humor. There are topics that can be near universally humorous. Misers, bad drivers, absent-minded people, anything that is understood worldwide as the human condition. Whats a ridiculous situation youve been caught in lately? There are funny things in the workplace. The jargon of it, memos, ironic rules. And there is always the news. Humor that unites people rather than puts down people or groups is always safe.

Am I funnier than I think I am? Less funny? Who will give me an honest assessment of my sense of humor?

Your peers and colleagues may not be candid if they are in competition with you. Some may not be willing to be open you with you out of fear of giving you an advantage. Some may give you exaggerated feedback to deliberately cause you undue concern. You have to set the tone and gauge the trust level of the relationship and the quality of the feedback.

Learning from bad things that happen

Tell me about a time when you used humor to defuse a tense situation. How did you approach it? What was the outcome? What did you learn from the situation? Have you been able to apply what you learned in a new situation where humor was appropriate?

Bad things happen to everyone, sometimes because of what we do and sometimes with help from us. We all have bad bosses, bad staffs, impossible and hopeless situations, impossible tasks, and unintended consequences. Aside from the trouble these bad things cause for you, the key is how can you learn from each of them.

Learn new and frivolous skills to study how you learn

Knowing that some people are more easily offended than I, Humor could my use of humor put people off? Is there a chance Im offending people but Im unaware of it?

Who, for example, has an effective use of humor? Think more broadly than your current job and colleagues. For example clergy, friends, spouses, or community leaders are also good sources for potential models.

Practice learning frivolous and fun skills (like juggling, square dancing, skeet shooting, video games,new york asian escorts etc.) to see yourself under different and less personal or stressful learning conditions. Ask yourself why that was easy while developing new personal/managerial skills is so hard. Try something harder with the same tactics.

Using multiple models

Learning from bad situations

Tell me about a time you used humor in a presentation. Did it work? If you had to give the same presentation again, how would you change it?

This competency is one in a set of complete functional and behavioral qualities that, when fully realized, can help lead to professional success.

Self-humor. Self-humor is usually safe, seen as positive by others, and most of the time leads to increased respect.

Can laugh at self and others Allows others to be funny Understands that laughter makes a more comfortable meeting, classroom, etc. Recognizes and appreciates a great sense of humor in others

Letting others be humorous. Sometimes people who arent very humorous (or are very serious) chill and suppress humor in others. Even if youre not going to work on being more humorous or funny, at least let others be.

Avoidance humor. Some make light of things that make them uncomfortable. Its a very human defense technique. There is a difference between using unrelated humor for tension relief, which can be a good practice, and using direct humor to make light of the person or the issue.

Is conscientious about timing and setting for humor Uses humor to boost morale or decrease tensionHas a great sense of timingSought out by others for guidance in this area

Generally uses humor in a positive way Uses humor to bring peEducation Competencies Humorople togetherKnows exactly when and where a joke or story will be effective Can see humor in almost everything

Tries to defuse tense situations with appropriate humor Uses humor to make for a more relaxed and productive atmosphereRealizes when and where humor will backfire, and withholdsUses humor as a uniting dynamic across a range of situations

Getting feedback from peers/colleagues

Timing. There is a time for everything and sometimes humor is not appropriate. Since you are reading this because you or others dont think you are good at using humor, the best technique is to follow the lead of others.

Tell me about a time when an attempt at humor didnt work out the way you expected. What do you now know about the people or the situation that you didnt know at the time? How would you approach the same situation today?

Being funnier. There are some basic humor tactics. Use exaggeration, use reversal, be brief. Cut out unnecessary words. Humor condenses the essential elements of a situation, just as good writing does. If the time of day or the color of the sky or city it happened in is not relevantHumor, leave it out. Be on the lookout for the ridiculous around you. Jot down funny things that happen around you so you can remember them.

All of us will find ourselves in bad situations from time to time. Good intentions gone bad. Impossible tasks and goals. Hopeless projects. Even though you probably cant perform well, the key is to at least take away some lessons and insights. Was there anything ironic, odd, or downright funny in all of this?

Has a positive and constructive sense of humor. Can laugh at himself/herself and with others. Is appropriately funny and can use humor to ease tension.

When ced with a potentially difficult situation, is there a way that humor could help? Could lead to a better outcome?

Learning more from your plan: These additional remedies will help make this development plan more effective for you.


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