Core Program?

The Core Requirement and Study Abroad

The Core Requirement for Joint Concentrations and Special Concentrations; Change of Concentration

Students with questCore Program?ions regarding any aspect of the Core requirement should come to the GenerCoreal Education Office (4th Floor Holyoke Center) to speak with the Associate Director. Students may also email questions to core [at] Core

Options for meeting the Foreign Cultures Area Requirement

It is no longer necessary to complete work with the Office of the Program in General Education in order to receive Foreign Cultures credit in the Core for completing a Foreign Language Citation. Students should submit the appropriate Citation work to the Registrars Office. Once the coursework for the citation is complete,new york escort the Foreign Cultures requirement will be updated to reflect that the requirement is met.

Students needing to identify Core courses to fulfill requirements at the Summer School in 2012 should contact Anne Marie Calareso at

Advanced Standing and the Core Requirement

Below is a list of courses approved for Summer School 2011. Any course previously approved and offered again in 2012 will continue to receive Core credit. If you have questions about a specific course, please contact


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