Why Leaders Use Humor

A survey of 1,000 executives discovered that 84% of respondents felt that workers with a sense of humor do a better job.

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A study of 20 executives at one company showed that executives ranked as Outstanding vs. Average used humor 133% more than their average counterparts.  Reviewing compensation for the same group showed the size of their bonuses was positively correlated to their use of humor.

Now I cant be sure what part of leadership Dwight David included humor in, but I think it may have been related to other peoples perception.  When you can use humor to diffuse difficult or tense situations, you are perceived as being on top of things or in control (whether you are or not).  Think about it, who are you more likely to follow?  Someone who is stressed out and frazzled by a recent string of events?  Or someone calm and controlled, and able to apply humor to relieve tension before getting back to business?

In addition to this improved perception, use of humor can also improve your ability to influence.  People are naturally more inclined to read and listen to what you have to say if you consistently use humor.

Of course you, being the intelligent person you are, are starting to realize that all of this leads to better leading.  But for those of you still not convinced, consider the results of some corporate studies published in the Harvard Business Review:

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So as you prepare to give that recommendation, make that influential presentation, or have that conversation with, well, anyone,new york asian escort remember to keep hWhy Leaders Use Humorumor top of mind.  You may find yourself leading the way to better leadership.

You might say that not only does money talk, it also laughs.

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Note: This is part 3 of a 5 part series detailing why its important to have humor in the workplace.  This post explores the use of humor to enhance leadership skills.

Eisenhower once said, A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.  If youre not miliar with US President ,Eisenhower, a quick trip to Wikipedia will help you understand that he might know a thing or two about leadership.

Get started using humor in the workplace today with these great tips that will make your work more effective, Humor efficient, and fun.

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