Core Institute

The standard surveys offered by the Core Institute quantify and document college students attitudes, perceptions, Core and opinions about alcohol and drugs. The surveys also measure behaviors of actual AOD use and consequences of use. The target audiences of the products and services offered by the Core project are college presidents, administrators, counselors,new york asian escort model and others involved in student life and the quality of the college campus environment.

The Core Institute is the largest national Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) database about college students drinking and drug use in the country. We offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective surveys that measure risky behaviors.

The Core surveys are easy to use and will help any institution understand the drinking and drug norms of their college campus. Our surveys are the center piece for effective and data-driven interventions that address academic success and retention of todays college student.

We assist clients with all aspects of data collection. We typically begin the process with survey design, IRB approval, and methodology. The next step is data compilation which can be -based or web-based. Finally, the results of the clients research efforts are provided in various formats depending on the individual institutions level of expertise or grant/contract requirements.

The Core institute is a small five-person department within the Southern Illinois UnCoreiversity Carbondale Student Health Center that began as a federally funded service to one that operates on a cost recovery basis. Our focus continues to be supporting sound quantitative assessments that inform and direct student life programming efforts for the benefit of students health and welre across the nation. To date, we have the largest database on alcohol and other drug use at post-secondary educational institutions.Core Institute

Our custom services allow institutions with unique requirements or assessment focus to receive the same cost effective options as originally made available to FIPSE grant recipients. These services also allow us the flexibility to remain relevant as the challenges of student life programming change over the years.

Formattable front and back page to add your institutions privacy and informed consent pages, as well as the ability to offer incentives.


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