Core Natural Sleep

Visit us at the Spring Ideal Home Show at the RDS, 19 to 21 April, and take advantage of our show offers, contact us for tickets

A good mattress should mould to your body regardless of your sleeping position. This ensures that your spine is optimally supported and free from any pressure. This freedom from pressure allows your discs to regenerateduring sleep. A responsCoreive mattrCore Natural Sleepess will also support your body in such a way as to reduce specific areasof pressure, for example, the hips if you are sleeping in the side position. Shoulders and hips should sink in proportionally to your body weight to avoid extra pressure on these parts. This will increase blood circulation of your skin and tissue and…

The Latex used in Core Mattresses is derived from 100% Natural Latex and harvested from selected well managed rubber plantations. It is a milky fluid comprising 30-40% rubber molecules suspended in water. Natural Latex original colour is creamy white,new york asian escorts not yellow. Once made into foam, natural latex conforms to the body for support and pressure relief. It also breaths, remaining cool in hot weather and warm in cooler temperatures. These characteristics make our natural latex mattresses premium to sleeping comfort. The Latex used by Core has been certified by world-renowned institutes for its non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, hypoallergenic, Core dust-free…


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