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This information on this site is for guidance only. It is not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other health care professional. ALWAYS check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment. Core is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for ANY form of damages resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by the information on this site.

Gastroenterology looks at issues related to the digestive system. It includes not only the whole length of tCorehe gut, from swallowing to excretion, but also two important organs, the pancreas and liver, and the ducts through which their secretions enter the intestine.

An investigation into the potential value of trefoil ctor mily 3 enema therapy in left sided ulcerative colitis in the context of a controlled trial

We need to understand more about the conditions that impact the digestive system so that we can improve the lives of people who have them and work towards curing them. Through Cores support for a wide range of research,new york asian escorts from the lab to the lived experience, we are able to have a real impact on people today.

I decided to raise money in memory of my ther by running for Core. He was a gastroentrologist, passionate about advancing research into digestive disorders. I was overwhelmed by all the support I received. This inspired me to keep going in the blazing sunshine. The Core team were brilliant, emailing me throughout training and cheering us on the day.

© Core is the working name of the Digestive Disorders Foundation. Charity Registration No. Core

We understand the need to understand and take control of your condition. Our patient information written by experts in the field provides evidence-based context and general guidance about what may happen and its impact, as well as signposting to patient organisations.

Core was founded as the Digestive Disorders Foundation in 1971. Our name reflects how important the digestive system is for good health it is at the core of the body. We support research, provide information and raise awareness for all diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas.

We believe that we are stronger and more effective when we work in partnership. Our research programme is frequently delivered in collaboration with other organisations to ensure that it is relevant to patients and to avoid duplication of resources.

In the past decade we have committed more than 5m to supporting research into gastrointestinal conditions and their impact on people. We are a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities and all of our supported work is independently assessed to ensure it meets the high standards required.

Without your help Core could not continue to save lives. Digestive diseases are not considered y and nor do we receive any support from the government. It is only through the ntastic support we receive frCORE Charity Coreom donors that we can carry on informing patients, raising awareness and funding important research.

We receive no government money and work hard to make sure that as much of your donation as possible goes to support our work. Our primary focus is funding important research. We also provide information free to patients and deliver campaigns and events that raise awareness of digestive health.

Resistance to steroids in ulcerative colitis: the role of Interleukin-2 and Interleukin-2 signaling


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