Core MBA Program

The individual departments and Curriculum Implementation and Review Committee continue to develop options that fulfill both core requirements and the individual career paths of students in a changing environment.

Whartons core includes 9 credit units, distributed in two parts:

Sarah Hershey

The Wharton MBA has both rigor and flexibility so you can pursue your own goals, beginning in your first-year core curriculum. This required curriculum begins with a focus Coreon the three key aspects of the curriculum overall: leadership, rigor, and breadth.Offered as quarter or semester long courses, the core curriculum covers traditional management disciplines with an emphasis on analytical rigor accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, statistics,new york escort and microeconomics as well as the leadership, ethics, and communicCore MBA Programation skills necessary for leadership.

All Profiles

For complete updated course listings, including class format, requirements, and prerequisites, visit Core Curriculum in the MBA Resource Guide. [PDF, Core, 985KB ]

I knew Wharton was a place I could learn all the tools I was missing, across all disciplines. In particular, I loved the idea of the core.


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