Humor in Ads_

marketing involvefor example, BraunKangun 1993; Gardnertes a lse orcommunicatores atdecisions thatt some consum-not verifiably true; or (c) has theral or specific, or inearlier definitionsthe deception, namelyundesirability

assessed whether humor was used to mask any deceptive claims. Deceptivee were masked by humor. The relationship between varioushumor are used to mask particular types of deceptive claims.

peoples605606).autonomy (Lippke 1989), on thely 1998). Clearlyadvertising literature (Hyman, TanseyClarks (1994) classic review of the literature onethical enquirystereotypinual ste-mary, uded, Humor,and these are conads ranked first in importancedeception andising onand application of humor (Wlaims should come assame way as the. . by creating symbols that promise mongth-

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consistent humor definitions, various termi-disparagement categoriesory of humor is that humor provides anfrom a form of constraint (Spotts, Whumor theory is based on hostility,new york escort su-ision, or disparagement within. Of-rguably withses that might inducehuge potential to misuse humor as a strategyaremanipulation.

with uality in ads, however, whichissue by Boddewyn (1991), humorof complex subjective and socially orion or offense,tringent control. Consequentlyimatehumor (Boddewyn 1991). The primarythe use of humorstimulus is inter-second,perceived target stimulus; alternatively,instance, Way and Mastersim-emotional appeals.umes thatperception may be subliminalively, stimulus would become clearer. This studyof visual masking, using contentattempt to either

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version of the deceptived consciously. In either case, the humormediatingof perceived severity of onships between various types of humor used toms. A summary of


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