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HIGHLIGHTS–Highlights of the

Are you in recovery from alcohol or or drug problems? Know your Rights -a 16 page SAMHSA pamphlet

A DAY IN THE LIFE–a day in the life of American adolescents: substance abuse cts.

approved May 20, 2011

Speaking to a group or talking to others about CORE-Illinois? HereCore CORE-Illinois are some aids to help

According to the National Institute on Drugs Abuse, the return on investing in treatment alone may exceed 12:1: that is every dollar spent on treatment can reduce future burden costs by $12 or more in reducing drug related crime and criminal justice and health care costs.

Here are a couple of talking points to use when discussing the need for increased spending of substance abuse treatment.

If substance abuse and addiction were its own budget category at the federal level, it would rank sixth, behind social security,new york asian escort model national defense, Core income security, Medicare and other health programs.

If substance abuse and addiction were its own state budget category, it would rank second just behind spending on elementary and secondary education.

For every dollar the federal and state governments spends on prevention or treatment for children, it spends $60.25 on the consequences of substance abuse and addiction to them.

Growing Evidence Points to Peers Directly Affecting Client Outcomes–As published in Mental Health Weekly on February 15, 2010

How do the Alcohol and Substance abuse policies of Illinois compare to the rest of the nation.


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