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4. The Subway campaign was a hit to several people because of the great use of images. The popping buttons and busting chairs made the brands point and delivered a message quite well.

Most people learn how to do complicated tasks like solving difficult equations or designing computers. But to make a joke may seem to be even more complicated than rocket science. Perhaps everybody can learn the art of telling jokes, but nobody seems to be very sure on how to make a joke.

Dont forget the joke golf balls that can explode when hit or wobble balls that are impossible to putt. There are other gag gifts fro the golfer that do a number of things to bring laughs on the course. Dont forget this year there is a bumper crop of political items that are good for a laugh.


9. Beer commercials including Bud Light and Dos Equis were among the top vorite of viewers because of the ridiculous, yet effective humor used.


7. ESPN commercials were a hit to many audiences, and they believe that the silly humor has always been effective for decades.

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to watch good comedy. This is one reason comedy clubs are very busy during bad times. A visit to the comedy club can provide a pleasant escape from stress. Watch comedy online at sites like killer comedy on line which offer free comedy clips and videos. There are a number of free comedy sites which are a great way to get a laugh.

4. Others appreciate an understated and dry humor, which was evident in the We Are Farmers campaign done over the past years.

When you make people laugh, they will like you. When they like you, they will listen to you. When they listen to you, they will learn something. When they learn something, they will invite you back to speak to them again. Isnt that your goal as a public speaker? Since I am assuming that this is your goal, let me give you the following techniques to aid you in delivering your jokes in a way that keeps your audience laughing.

3. Dollar Shave Club used silly humor that worked well in delivering the products message. The ad went viral because of the excellent use of humor.

6. As with every advertising initiative you plan to take, it is essential to consider your brands persona. Humor may not be for all, and it should be used to promote sharing instead of ridicule or criticism. In addition, humor is one sign of intelligence and wit when used the right way. It has the power to make or break your brands reputation.

Perhaps many times, you have found yourself in situations, where your buddies are still waiting for the funny part in your joke. Jokes are very popular and interesting. Read on to get info on to make a joke.

The comedy store comically is not a store but a venue where you can watch stand-up comedy. Although it is primarily Australian humour, from time to time they do have international comedians up on stage. No two nights are ever the same! It is a great place to hang out with friends and share a laugh. The ct that its not a huge auditorium, but a cosy place, adds to the charm.

Just because you could, doesnt mean you should. The mental picture of a whoppie cushion in a board meeting might be funny, but it wouldnt be appreciated. A general rule of thumb would be if something would get a laugh at a fraternity party, its likely not appropriate in the workplace. Jack Benny said: Gags die, humor doesnt. Workplace humor is a tricky thing to be sure, and Im hopeful the following 8 tips will help keep you from lling down the slippery slope and having your jokes land with a thud:

I am sure that someone else may have other techniques to offer, but I have found these to be successful in my own public speaking. These are the things I do, and I have had numerous compliments on the amount of laughter in my presentations. I believe if you follow these techniques, you will find the same to be true for you.

6. Mayhem campaign was one of the greatest ads, according to several viewers. The images were enigmatic, and the message was presented clearly.

The go-to source for political humor and political cartoons, updated daily with jokes, cartoons, satire, videos, and funny news.

Remember that Brevity is the Soul of Wit. This is a bit of a cliche but it is still true. Avoid long stories. If your jokes are a mile long, your audience will pull over on the side of the road long before you read the finish line. Keep it short, keep it unexpected, and you will keep them laughing. One-liners, and spontaneous humor is the best kind of humor for this rule.

Funnysite funny movies humor powerpoints fun filmpjes pictures walls gsm sounds games en videos


A good practical joke or gag gift is another good stress reliever. There are all kinds of funny gifts available like the classic giant rubber chicken, whoopee cushion, trick candles, ke gum, dribble glasses and surprise nuts. You can trick a friend with ke parking tickets or ke lottery tickets. Funny tee shirts are always good for a laugh and so are some of the new calendars. Beer can wraps, butt ce towels are fun and there are all kinds of potty gag gifts available.

I love telling jokes. I am not a stand up comedian, but I love to use humor in my public speaking. I finished a message recently and had someone come up to me and confess that they had not laughed that much in a long time. I know the value of laughter. If you enjoy laughing, then you know the value of laughter as well!

The following are among the best examples of silly yet effective humor that were used for branding purposes.

One trait that consistently ranks highly among the most admired leaders is theyre confident enough to poke fun at themselves. When leaders understand the difference between lse humility (self-serving) and authentic self-deprecating humor (benefiting others) things quickly transition from awkward to funny. Smart leaders have long recognized the best punchline  themsleves. Use the levity surrounding your experiences, mistakes, ilures, challenges, etc., to turn teachable moments into unforgettable lessons.

How to make a joke?

Watch the people around you closely. They can also give you reasons to make a joke. Look for the thick skinned one so you can make jokes and fun of them. is a directory that offers information about humor, funny collections, stories, science fiction &features.

Once you hike up the stairs, the comedy store is a ntastic venue ! There is a bar at the front but dont stress if the queues are big, because there is table service throughout the show. Yep, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs while someone brings you alcohol. And everything is always funnier after a few drinks. [Read More]

Dont tell them a joke is funny, make it funny. Avoid saying things like This is funny. People with an expectation of laughter will be more difficult to cause to laugh. The reason is because they build up their expectation and the chances are that your joke will not live up to those expectations. If you are going to tell a joke, Humor, tell it. Dont tell the audience first that you are going to tell them one.

The content of the joke has to have strong lateral thinking`, capturing interest of your listeners. Once you know the tips and tricks, you can practically make a joke about anyone and anything. Enjoy the popularity once you learn how to make a joke!

The old saying everybody loves a comedian has regretfully given birth to a time where everybody thinks theyre a comedian. Sadly, what many have iled to realize is the old saying noted above was meant to be sarcasticWe all love good humor, but the truth is all humor is not good. The timely and appropriate use of humor is an asset to any leader. Likewise, distasteful or inappropriately timed humor can be a significant liability.  As a leader its quite easy to get a laugh – your title will virtually guarantee it. Therefore its important for leaders to become skilled at distinguishing the difference between a compliant chuckle and a sincere chortle. Good humor can bring people closer, but poor humor can be one of the strongest repellents known to man.

8. You should prepare a contingency plan in case you get a backlash in response to the humor you use, according to Tim Welsh. It is also a smart choice not to copy someone elses style. Be unique in your approach, and use your own creativity.

Dont broadcast your direction. When I used to play basketball,new york escort my coach told us to be careful not to look in the direction we were going to pass the ball. He used to say, You are telegraphing your intentions. Some of the best humor is humor that takes people by surprise. Plan you jokes and place them throughout your presentation in places where your audience will not expect you to use humor.

Humor is likely to enhance recall and purchase intention, as long as the message coincides with the ads objectives. When you add humor to your brand, make sure that you take into consideration these important ctors which are necessary to make it work perfectly. You should reach out to your target audience, avoid offending messages, and test drive the humor before letting it out to the public. With these tips and examples, you will be able to utilize humor properly in delivering a powerful and effective message for your brand.

However, this is just one of the ways humour has proved effective in advertising campaigns. Humorous commercials also have the ability to go viral, both online and offline, and this is a huge boost to brand identity for companies. Having your advert laughed at and talked about exposes people to your products and makes them much more likely to purchase from you. These advantages have meant that humour has become one of the most successful advertising methods available and companies can ignore it only at their peril.

1. Some people agree that the ads for Volkswagen, Geico, and Old Spice were memorable and witty. They appreciate the funny taglinHumores and images that have relevance to the brands message.

8. Mayo vs. Miracle Whip was another silly ad that used outstanding consumer insights. This marketing campaign expressed the value of owning your difference and embracing your brand.

A funny and dramatic demonstration of your product, that really drives home a buying benefit, is useful because now they are talking about the demonstration, which is the same as talking about your product. See? You want them taking about your product, not the commercial.

In the difficult times we live in you must find ways to deal with the stress of every day life. Stress affects the body in a number of ways and can cause premature aging, hart and digestive problems. One of the st ways to combat stress is with humor. Many emergency room nurses say they find humor a great way to deal with the stress at their jobs. A good laugh will allow the body the chance to forget about the problems you may have and improve circulation with added oxygen and blood flow. It can just make you feel better.

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2. KSwiss and Kenny Powers also made use of intelligent humor. The whole output was effective, persuasive, and entertaining.

You can be interesting without going for a laugh. Do you know what prospective customers find interesting? Anything that will make their life easier, or will solve a problem that is bothering them. Thats what they find interesting. And not being interesting is the major sin in advertising.

Keep your composure, even if the audience is laughing in the aisles. One of the things that makes a joke even funnier, is a speaker who doesnt laugh at his own jokes. Dont be the guy who laughs through his own punchline. Keep your composure.

Cleveland is in the midst of an absolute comedy renaissance, thanks in part to the Chucklefck guys. In addition to great local comics, they also brings in some of the best bigger names. I mean, im still excited about having seen Rob Delaney, and that was all the way back in June of this year.

If I see the Chucklefck name attached to a show, I know that I can go and not even question the quality of the comedians. I know that Im going to have a good time, and see a bill stacked perfectly with local and national acts. Ramon loves sandwiches, so its almost like he puts together his bills like the perfect meal. You always walk away satisfied, and you didnt even have to deal with a two drink minimum. I wish there was a pickle sometimes, but you know, thats just because I really like pickles.

4. You should apply humor strategically while retaining the element of fun and surprise. More than anything else, your humorous side should be aligned to your end goal. While you may want to entertain others, humor should not make you lose the main objective and message you wish to impart.

An attempt at bad humor is not an acceptable excuse for unacceptable behavior. Racist, ist, ageist, and other forms of discriminating acts wont be tolerated because you attempted to cloak them in bad humor.

Be aware and consider the latest events of the day. If there was a political mistake, you can make a joke of the politician to poke fun at him. Look around you and find reasons of humor. One can find great humor in things of life.

These are just a few of the items available that can bring a good laugh to the home or office. This is a good time to lighten up a little, have a good laugh and share the laughter with your friends and mily. It is a great way to relief stress and everyone will fell a little better.

Consider your audience and avoid saying anything offensive. Jokes are meant to create humor not hurt anybodys feelings. Keep these things in mind when you make a joke.

5. If you intend to add humor to your brand, you should prepare for backlash, since you will not be able to meet everybodys expectations. It pays to know the audience that you are catering to, so you know the right approach you should take.

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Did you hear the one about the pastor, priest and rabbi who went skydiving? Just kidding The very nature of humor is its misunderstood more often than not. This makes humor a proverbial two edged sword it can slice through the toughest of situations to your advantage, or cut sharply against you. When levity is used to appropriately ease a burden or relieve tension it is greatly appreciated. However when your rapier wit is used as a weapon of humiliation or intimidation you are confusing humor with arrogance. I believe it was Winston Churchill who said: Humor is a very serious thing. Just because you find something funny, doesnt make it so. Put simply, to use humor to mock, belittle, undermine, or attack isnt good humor, and its certainly not good leadership. Remember many a private tear has been hidden behind a public smile.

Traditional advertising focused on pitching to peoples emotional needs, wants and fears; as a way to grow or instill the idea that a particular product would solve a particular problem or make life easier in a previously impossible way. These techniques often played upon our own misgivings about our lives with promises, true or lse, that a particular product would help us. These advertising techniques have proved incredibly useful when it comes to selling products but in the last 3 decades (or thereabouts) there has been a shift within advertising towards humour based commercials and campaigns.

What is almost universally useful in your broadcast ads, is smiling, friendly ces. They dont have to be funny, but just happy. The prospect assumes they are happy because they are using the product. In print, its harder to be funny anyway, so you are trying harder to be funny, which doesnt translate well to print. In print, ads should always try to sell, not be funny.

Alternate levity and seriousness. People need a break. Use a little bit of humor and then be serious for a few minutes. Space your audiences laughter out throughout the presentation. Let them laugh, then give them a break. They will soon be ready for another laugh. Great public speakers sprinkle humor throughout their entire message.

The big sin in advertising and marketing is being boring. A market will forgive almost anything else. But a boring sales letter, commercial, or video will generate absolutely no interest in your product. The advertisement must be interesting to the prospect. Not interesting in general, but to that prospect.

7. Laughter can help showcase the unique personality behind you brand. When your punch lines and amusing images are used tastefully, you can engage many people to what you are selling. Just make sure that you test it first with your team and a few other people before you send it out to the public.

Keep your jokes and short. Long jokes dwindle the interest of those around you and will bore your audience. Remember that the best jokes need not always be the smartest ones.

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As a public speaker I want to learn to use humor throughout my presentation for the following reasons:

5. Cloroxs mous bleachable moments ads campaign was rather silly, and it promoted what the brand wanted to express to their audience.


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