Humor Inspiration Self Help People Understanding

Ted Goffs business and safety cartoons offer a daily laugh. I enjoy them!

Things Not to Say at a Job Interview


Check out these success tips and then explore the site for more work-related humor.

Laughing Your Way to Organizational Health

Funny Business is a weekly business humor column which is written by Robert Goldman and syndicated to newss across the US. At this page, you can find the current as well as previous columns of the week, an archive of classic columns and other humor resources.

Tips for Success in Business

Workplace wellness is a serious issue. With stress-related-illness and burnout becoming household words, you are increasingly looking for ways to keep your workforce happy, healthy and productive. David Granirers humor insights tell you how.

You Really Dont Make a Difference

Check out these insults from mous people. Mark Twain said this: You take the lies out of him, and hell shrink to the size of your hat; you take the malice out of him, and hell disappear. Youll enjoy these!

How To Add A Bolt of Lightening To Your CareerRonald P. Culberson has written a terrific article about humor at work. He even provides advice about how to increase humor and fun at work and in your life! (Click on Articles.)


Ted Goffs Cartoons

Email Forwards

Work humor from the Mad Kane. Take these twenty-one steps to arrive at a new job.

Darwin Awards go to people who did humankind a vor by removing themselves from the gene pool, according to Darwin. Check out some of the 2001 nominees. People do the strangest, saddest things–some dont live to regret them!

Darwin Award Nominees

Work Cartoons From Randy Glasbergen

A thoroughly tongue in cheek top ten list from About Management guru John Reh. Find out how well you or others are suited for a top management position!

An unmentionable organization has come up with a test that inllibly measures the type of job in which each person is best. It begins with, Each subject is sent off to Africa to hunt elephants…

Rather Good is Right

Take a look at the perennial management and Human Resources vorite. Howd you like Catbert, Evil HR Director, doing employee relations at your company? How about in conjunction with the pointy-haired manager? A formula for disaster!

How To Tell If You Are Management Material

Fun and the Bottom Line: Using Humor to Retain Employees

Find out what riding a dead horse has to do with corporate wisdom, how to give your manager the answer she wants, what people actually put in resumes and cover letters, and more. These are good and rated for funny and clean!

Really funny comics about tHumor Inspiration Self Help People Understandinghe workplace! He also uses cows to send funny workplace messages. Worth a visit!

Workplace Fun E Humor

One of the funniest sites I have encountered in ages. Lots of sound and movement. To really explore the site, click on all the entries in the blog, one by one. (This is weekend fun.) Note: One of my readers was offended by some of the material on the site, so dont visit if some off-color humor will offend.

Check out the daily cartoon, then scroll down to click on More Than 500 Business and Computer Cartoons. These are great! Hundreds to explore!

In todays uncertain work environment, humor isnt an option,new york asian escort its necessary. When employees clown around, theyre not wasting valuable time, theyre use of one of the few tools available to increase and maintain their group spirit. Laughter may not change reality, but it can certainly help people survive it. Heres how to use humor to…

Famous Insults

Bubble gum, dogs, and Walkmans. What do they all have in common? Check out this fun humor site!

Theyll make you laugh; theyll make you cry! This site is devoted to the emails you receive from friends and associates every day. I cant vouch for all of them, but I did appreciate those I read. Click on titles in the sidebar.

Pachydermic Personnel Prediction

Dot Com 1040

Working Stiffed

Fun trivia site offers a word of the day, quote of the day,a guide to useless knowledge, and even a key to hit when the boss is coming to look over your shoulder! Did you know that Garth Brooks worked as the manager of a cowboy boot store before hitting the big time in country music? Enjoy!

Looking for humor for your newsletter? Humor, inspiration, Humor, self help, people understanding, fun things, games to play, toys, and other opportunities to take a break from your work are featured. Youll love having these at your fingertips, and want to share them with your coworkers. Enjoy!

From SatireWire, this will make you laugh, make you cry. People are not really your most important resource!

Funny Business

Check out this funny 1040 from the Department of Thought Police. Its an Income Tax Return for Recently Laid-Off DotCom Employees With no Real Experience or Talent.


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