Core Extended Product Lifecycle Management

CBX Extended Product Lifecycle Management (EPLM) is a powerful suite of web based software designed to help retailers, brands and their suppliers automate and optimize their extended supply chain, from concept to delivery.

Core Solutions (CORE) helps retailers, brands and suppliers streamline their supply chains from Concept to Delivery. COREs extended product lifecycle management (EPLM) technologies enable organizations to drive greaCoreter speed, Core, agility, efficiency and profit in bringing private label and branded merchandise to market.

Over 10,000 world leading retailers, brands and suppliers use the CBX cloud platform to collaborate across their supply chains.

COREs CBX software includes modules for Planning,new york asian escort Product Development, Buying, Sourcing, Order Management, Logistics and Finance. Advanced workflow, costing and critical path management capabilities enable CBX to automate processes and synchronize activities between internal teams and with trading partners. Configurable dashboards aCore Extended Product Lifecycle Managementnd real-time reporting ensure updated information for improved decision . Entirely web-based, CBX features an intuitive, user-friendly intece that dramatically eases rollout to users anywhere around the world.

The CBX Global Sourcing module supports private label development and direct sourcing growth by centralizing sourcing related information, enabling retailers to collaborate and launch products ster and more efficiently.

The CBX Supply Chain Collaboration suite of SaaS tools automate information exchange, provide end-to-end visibility and enable real-time collaboration between retailers and their suppliers across the extended supply chain

Critical Path Management (CPM) provides retailers with a dashboard tool which guides users through established workflows and tasks with proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities helping retailers to manage by exception.

Improve retail supply chain decision with full visibility from concept to delivery with Critical Path Management


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