101 Ways to Create Humor at Work

Survive the drain of meetings by incorporating some humor into the mix.

25. Think Outside the Cube: Learn to solve a Rubiks cube; share it with others.

51. Map and Match: Gather trivia about the people in your team; send out a mapping and matching quiz and see who can correctly guess all of the matches.

85. Showcase Your Kids: Create a look at what my kid made mural for employees to share their kids creations.

9. Eat and Be Merry: Have a laugh lunch and watch clips from The Office.

50. Find a Pin-Up: Make a themed calendar full of pictures of people from your department.

52. Be Happy for 60 Minutes: Organize a happy hour with your co-workers.

54. Get Hip to Facebook: Create a Facebook group for people at your work. Use it to connect socially.

28. Tell the Future: Build a Paper Fortune Teller using work lingo.

62. Share What You Know: Present a tip/trick like the old The More You Know commercials.

I like 63. It promotes community, shows youre interested in other coworkers and makes them feel valued!

With all of the benefits to having humor in the workplace, every office could stand to have a little more fun.  But how do you incorporate huHumormor into the corporate world?  Its easier than you might think.

58. Have a Team Name: Name your row of cubicles something indicative of the people or work done there; encourage others to do the same.

These are great! Im so glad I found this! At my workplace we make poster-sized crossword puzzles to solve together. Its a nice break from work but still keeps our brains working. In addition, its always fun to see what other people know.

74. Act Now: Act out a skit in your next presentation to demonstrate a point.

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81. Eat, Humor Greet, Meet: Start a lunch bunch.

20. Provide Some Background: Change your desktop background to something motivational.

32. Share Some XOXOs: Play tic tac toe with a co-worker.

64. Pass Notes: Pass a note in a meeting like you did in grade school; make it semi-work related.

14. Rock It Out: Create a playlist of st paced rock music or equivalent; listen to it while doing less than exciting work.

From individual activities such as reading office jokes, to team-building games using improv, to community-wide fun at work through a Talent Show, here are 101 ways to get you started to a happier, healthier, more creative and productive office:

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94. Smile: Thats it, just Smile.

10. Take a Break: Install software like InstantBoss to make sure you take regular breaks throughout the day.

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33. Eavesdrop: Read Overheard In the Office; add your own entry.

I hope that was a serious suggestion:)

53. Picture This: Photoshop pictures of your team onto a picture of super heroes or celebrities.

75. Fill in the Blanks: Start your next meeting with a work related Mad Lib.

Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor.

2. Walk around: Start a walking group at work; map out a route through the office that has you walking for at least 10 minutes.

31. Look at Things Differently: Get a Magic Eye book for your cubicle; share it with people when they come by.

35. Give a Makeover: Give your boss an online makeover, even if your boss is a man.

63. Learn the Language: If you work internationally, learn a few words and phrases of a language of one of your co-workers; surprise them with it in your next meeting.


68. Have a Ball: Get a stress ball; toss it back and forth when talking in meetings.

44. Improvise: Play improv games as a team.

89. Be Gross: Hold a grossest foods dessert party.

101. Be Original: Brainstorm your own unique way of bringing humor to work.

57. Decorate: Make thematic door decs for the people on your team.

66. Give Back: Use your next leadership team meeting to volunteer somewhere in your community.

Build a stronger community and improve relationships in the entire office with some laid-back, entertaining, office humor.

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71. Turn Lemons into Lemonade: Set up a lemonade stand; give out lemonade and teach patrons about your service or project.

42. Read the Not News: Find a story on Fark.com to share at your work lunch or happy hour.

3. Be Hularious: Hold a hula hoop contest.

48. Become Royalty: Find out which Disney Princess you are; watch one of the movies.

1. Relax and Recharge:Spend 15 minutes a day relaxing and recharging at recess.

6. Smell the Roses: Take a break to take in your surroundings.

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55. Be Diverse: Play Diversity Bingo at your next team gathering.

27. Hit the Deck: Create a personalized deck of cards for your work; play Go Fish with them.

19. Picture the Good Stuff: Get a digital picture frame and fill it with pictures of your friends and mily.

38. Be a Freshmaker: Find a mentor; give him/her Mentos for mentoring.

88. Get Lucky: Organize a pot luck lunch with people in your office.

Improve engagement and retention with a little variety and uniqueness in your training materials.

15. Listen Closely: Listen to classical music when you are required to concentrate on one task.

40. Play Halloween: Set out a bowl of candy at your cube; allow people to have a piece only after they tell you a story or make you laugh.

46. Be a Pirate: Figure out everyones Pirate name on your team.

100. Have F.U.N.: Name your next project something that has a silly hidden acronym.

73. Be a Conductor: Warm up the crowd at your next presentation by conducting a symphony of syllables to pronounce your subject.

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60. Recognize: Send out a quarterly recognition email recognizing accomplishments of fellow employees and sharing some humor.

5. Breathe: Take 10 deep breaths every hour.

7. Bust a Move: Dance in the elevator.

23. Build Some Fun: Make a pen bow and arrow.

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59. Praise Others: Send a co-worker anonymous praise.

29. Master the Paper Arts: Learn to make an origami crane; make one while you are on a conference call.

Get started using humor in the workplace today with these great tips that will make your work more effective, efficient, and fun.

87. Make It Up: Hold an improvised talent show.

86. Prove Youve Got Talent: Hold a planned talent show.

36. Dine Together: Go to lunch with someone new each day for a week.

95. Live and Laugh: Try to laugh 100 times in a day; it doesnt matter at what.

82. Play Your Heart Out: Bring in the game Rock Band and have a concert.

21. Lead with Quotes: Include leadership quotes in your email signature.

WOW!!! It took me this – long to discover this site. Ill be here often, hope you dont mind.

91. Attract the Opposite: Buy refrigerator poetry magnets for the lunchroom.

Break up the workday with some physical activity, laughter, or even meditation to help reduce stress, improve blood flow and even burn calories.

Got your own way to create humor at work? Share it in the comments.

56. Do Some Branding: Create a logo and theme music for one of your projects; use it whenever you do status updates or send out emails.

34. Get Type-Cast: Play a game and get better at typing.

84. Get Cartoony: Start a cartoon board, post some .

70. Metaphor-ize: Explain your next training using an unlikely metaphor, such as why project management is like getting married.

12. Lock-in Inspiration: Create easy-to-remember, hard-to-hack, inspirational passwords.

93. Exchange: Organize a book or DVD exchange between co-workers.

69. Take Note: Take meeting minutes; include fun/interesting/random thoughts you have while in the meeting.

92. Read and Discuss: Start a business (or fiction) book club at work.

Great! In our office if a theme comes up we pun it to death. Also we liven up internal email by insertion of cartoon graphics relevant to the email subject -sometimes a little risque, but always on the right side of bad taste.

Humor That Works: 501 Ways to Use Humor to Beat Stress, Increase Productivity and Have Fun at Work

17. Motivate: Get a motivational poster.

99. Say the Word: Check out Merriam-Websters word of the day; see if you can naturally work it into a conversation.

37. Tweet Something: St101 Ways to Create Humor at Workay connected with co-workers or friends through microblogging.

77. Embed Meaning: Be like Alfred Hitchock and find a way to work in a picture of yourself or your kids into every presentation; be creative about it.

22. Take Aim: Post up a dart board; have a tournament.

96. Ask Questions: Include an off-the-wall question in your next survey, such as How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

13. Pump It Up: Get energized for the day by listening to some of your vorite songs on your commute to work.

72. Get Poetic: Write a poem describing the benefits of what your organization works on.

67. Unleash Your Inner Village Person: Perform YMCA at your next community meeting.

61. Play a Song: Learn Mary Had A Little Lamb on touch tone phones; play it while waiting for a phone conference to start.

8. Bust a Move Together: Better yet, have a 3pm dance party.

Be creative, be humorous, be funny, be random, be happy through a smorgasbord of office fun.

24. Slink Around: Get a slinky; play with it quietly while talking on the phone.

Bring out your inner-child to break the monotony with good old shioned fun.

11. Be Inspired: Start off each day by watching an inspirational video.

43. Say Thank You: Send a thank you note for something someone did at least once a week.

Improve your teams communication and listening skills to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

47. Get Animated: Create Simpsons avatars for all of your team members.


49. Author-ize: Work with co-workers to write a book about your workplace.

45. Mix It Up: Create work appropriate nicknames for people on your team using anagrams.

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80. Tell a Joke: Include an intentionally silly joke in your next speech. Tie it back to the topic somehow.

18. Laugh-tivate: Get a de-motivational poster.

Kick things into higher gear with some motivational tweaks to your every day work and see your productivity shoot through the roof.


83. Post a Bulletin: Put a bulletin board in a common area; take turns with your co-workers posting different topics on the board.

16. Address Yourself: Write a letter to yourself highlighting where you want to be in 3, 6, 12 months and include a silly joke.

4. Sleep: Take a nap at work.


76. Simon Says Play: Play Simon Says at your next training session.

79. Equate: Come up with your own Albert Einstein equation.

41. Be a Storyteller: Pick a story from your weekend to share with others.

65. Lie: Play two truths and a lie during introductions at your next meeting.

30. Fly Around: Make airplanes with some of your cubicle mates; see whose can fly the rthest.

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39. Write That Down: Start a blog/newsletter at work on a topic you have passion for.

97. Get Sketchy: Create a video sketch.

90. Piece It Together: Put out a jigsaw puzzle in the breakroom for people to work on during a break.

78. Be Magical: Learn a magic trick and use it in your next meeting or presentation.

98. Know Whats Going On: Schedule 30 minutes on your calendar every week to read about whats happening in your industry.

Enhance your career and have fun by extending and strengthening your network.

26. Score a Touchdown: Play football while waiting for a meeting to start.


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