Lycos Asset Management? Core

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Did you know that most investors treat stock investments as nothing more than horses to bet on? They think they cant effect any change in a company because they only own a tiny fractiLycos Asset Management? Coreon of a companys stock. Also, in the name of diversification they own a lot of stocks, even ones that engage in activities they may personally be opposed to. Does this sound right to you? It doesnt sound right to us

Welcome to Lycos Asset Management Inc., an investment advisory, asset management, and hedge fund management firm based in Vancouver,new york asian escort BC, Core Canada. We act as trusted financial advisors to individuals and institutions and manage the Lycos Value Fund. Why Lycos? My name is Constantine Lycos and I founded this company. I stand by my investment principles, my common sense value investing approach and my commitment to clients. I am not afraid to put my name behind anything I do.

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Did you know that investing through a commission based financial planner or stock broker may involve big penalties for pulling your money out and big commissions for the advisor? Do you have to go it alone to save money? No, there is a better way: investment management through Lycos Asset Management. No lock ups, no penalties. Asset and/or performance-based fees, unbiased financial advice.


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