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Applications for PacBio circular consensus sequencing

Dan Graur

Bio Mick Watson

Sunday data/statistics link roundup (5/12/2013, Humor, Mothers Day!)

With SHTseq you can simply send the sample from you iphone and have the sequencing data returned to your email address in a matter of minutes. THATS RIGHT!, you can have a SHT experiment run in minutes! Not hours or days. Download your iSHT app now and start sequencing.

CrapBio is excited to announce the release of its new SHTseq™ whole genome sequencing platform which is going to revolutionize the genomics industry and soon the healthcare industry.

A Tale on Declining Moral Values: David Brooks (davidbrooks) Fabricates a Story in the New York Times (nytimes)

Sunday data/statistics link roundup (5/19/2013)

A guide for the lonely bioinformatician

SHTseq or Super High-throughput Template sequencing is a totally new paradigm for DNA analysis. In the era of second and third generation sequencing, scientists would take days to extract DNA and prepare it for analysis on slow cumbersome analysis machines. CrapBio is able to get around this using AngstromRealtimeSensors™ that can accurately read the DNA while still inside cells. Better than that, you dont even need to take the DNA to the analysis machine you can simply take an image of the organism you wish to sequence and upload it to the SHTcloud and have the DNA information extHumor Homologusracted directly by out highly trained SHTtechnicians.

The Cost of Open Science

A quick guide to your software installable

When does replication reveal fraud?

Getting Genetics Done

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Three Metagenomics Papers for You

Evolutionary Computation and Data Mining in Biology

A pedantic look at the cost of sequencing

We are able to generate super-long reads with our ARSesnsors. Using CrapBio-SHTseq technology we regularly get 10Mb reads and we have even seen reads of 100Mb which completely sequenced E. coli 20 times in a single read. Our base calling accuracy is 25%,new york asian escort but with genomes with extreme AT/GC bias it reaches 40%. Although this is lower than other platforms the longer reads allow you to extract much more information from our reads than old-shioned 2nd generation sequencers. Also this error is totally randomly distributed (unlike homopolymer errors in other technologies!) and there is no decline in base calling accuracy toward the ends of reads. The last base in a read is just as good as the first base.

Please follow the rest of the press release at this link.

A new sequencing technology enters the ring: SHTseq(TM)

Automated Archival and Visual Analysis of Tweets Mentioning bog13, Bioinformatics, rstats, and Others

Developments in next generation sequencing a visualisation

On assembly uncertainty (inspired by the Assemblathon2 debate)

List of Bioinformatics Workshops and Training Resources

More advice to scientists on blogging

Excerpts from Coders At Work: Peter Deutsch Interview

Just received this press release from Neil Hall, CEO of a new sequencing company called CrapBio whos launching at this years notAGBT.. sounds very interesting!

The bright future of applied statistics

Kindly, Stop Using the Term Junk DNA when You are Clueless



Divine Retribution: Should Atheists Adopt Religious Virtues?

How to sequence a bacterial genome at the end of 2012

Living in an Ivory Basement

Simply Statistics

Excerpts from Coders At Work: Joe Armstrong Interview

Gustatory Mutilation: More Nurture than Nature


Longer Reads-Better Data noSHT (What would you do with 100Mb reads?).

And here is something for the not so humorous column. We just found out that the website hosting the largest number of software codes to analyze ABI SOLiD data has been abandoned.

Celebrate the people who make your science possible

Anyone knows what is going on? What has the world come to during our month of absence?


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