Core About C-CORE

Kanata Ontario Canada

When you view the Earth from the vantage of space, geographic, environmental and logistical barriers become less important. C-COREs Remote Sensing group keeps a watchful eye on the world, deploying leading-edge Earth observation and other monitoring technologies to support projects on every continent. We work with industry, government and research partners across languages, time zones and national boundaries in some 25 countries to advance hardware and software design, as well as applications for climate change adaptation services, public and environmental safety, and intrusion/integrity monitoring of critical infrastructure such as oil and gas production cilities, pipelines and dams. We deliver reliable environmental characterization for new field exploration and development and provide real-time monitoring of environmental conditions such as ice and icebergs.

We maintain a world-class geotechnical cility with a 5.5m-radius, 200G payload capacity Actidyn centrifuge (the largest in Canada and the only one in North America designed to model cold region phenomena), with adjoining model preparation laboratory and earthquake simulator capable of generating several modes of excitation with both amplitude and frequency control.

Tel (613) 592 7700

Headquartered in Canada at St Johns NL, with offices in Halix, Ottawa and Calgary, C-CORE maintains a close collaborative relationship with Memorial University, with access to its extensive cilities, diverse academic expertise and $100 million research portfolio.


Ice loading: determining the impact forces of icebergs and sea ice loads on structures

Ice management and detection: cilitating safe and efficient operations in ice or iceberg environments

C-CORE is an independent not-for-profit R&D corporation that creates value in the private and public sectors by undertaking applied research and development, generating knowledge, developing technology solutions and driving innovation.

400 March Road, Suite 210

C-CORE is also home to LOOKNorth, a Canadian Centre of Excellence for remote sensing innovation to support northern resource development, and the Centre for Arctic Resource Development (CARD).

C-CORE focuses on long-term value by investing in new research,new york asian escorts equipment and competence development, and continuously growing capacity and capability. Throughout the past generation, C-CORE has supported some 1100 undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students on their path to become the highly qualified personnel needed to drive global innovation, and has served as an incubator for 18 new technology companies.

Ice risk: investigating uncertainties associated with marine structures, seabed installations and pipelines in ice-prone waters

Canada A1B 3X5

Established in 1975 as the Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering to address challenges cing oil & gas development offshore Newfoundland & Labrador and other ice-prone regions, C-CORE Core About C-COREis now a multi-disciplinary organization with world-leading capability in Remote Sensing, Ice Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.

Morrissey Road

With unparalleled harsh environment expertise, C-CORE undertakes projects on every continent, providing research-based advisory services and technology solutions to national and international industry and government clients in the natural resource, energy, security and transportation sectors.

K2K 3H4

St. Johns, NL


With almost four decades experience in the oil and gas and pipeline sectors, C-COREs Geotechnical Engineering group has developed extensive expertise in offshore geotechnics, ice/seabed and soil/structure interactions, with particular expertise in reduced-scale physical modeling.

Captain Robert A. Bartlett Building


C-CORE also supports Canadian academic access to the cility.

Fax (613) 592 7701

Ice conditions: monitoring pack ice, icebergs and atmospheric ice

From a staff of over 90 scientists, engineers and other professionals, project teams are assembled based on client need, Core drawing on internal expertise across disciplines, as well as national/international academic, institutional and corporate partnerships, in order to support increasingly safe and sustainable operations in challenging environments around the globe.

C-COREs Ice Engineering group provides research-based advisory services to help private and public sector clients manage operational risk in harsh environments. We are world leaders in:


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