Extreme_ Humor

Crushed Scrotum

The Mightiest

Concealed Weapons!

Ballet class

Newest Pictures:

Job vacancy


Go to war in battle gear. Click on different troops to build them, Humor, or use the hotkeys provided in game.

Know your priorities

Save the planet

An Afir To Remember…

Variable Speed Limit

New videos on lokwi:

Kill husband

Castle clout

Respect for nature


Newest Jokes:

Job losses

Veet ad

Upside down

Doctors talk

Pizza vs Sex!

New games on lokwi: More games

The Gay Flight Attendant

Some fun one liners

Super bat

Amazing ground painting

Google usage

Bottle glass

Low budget valentine gift

Fondling in bed

More animations – Jokes – Pictures – Optical Illusions – eCards

Home Shopping

Submit your site for review

Check out Lokwi.com for new free games,new york asian escort videos and pictures like this BUSTED pic!

Sexy vegan girls!T-Shirt Hell!Mmmm…BoobiesCrazy pranks and gifts!!Are you bored?Crazy Funny Pictures

Knock down the castle in castle clout. Use the space key to start the trebuchet, and space to release. Arrows to move over and see the castle.

Yahoo answers, secret girlfriend

Moose Hunting

Mountain neighbors


Battle gear

How to save the airlines

Liver and cheese



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