ozcamera Cameras

(the seller carries the cost, there is no charge to the buyer.)

The cameras and other things in the links on this page are most of the items in my camera collection.

The price of an antique camera is entirely dependent upon the moods of the buyer and seller at the time of the transaction.

The Four Major Types of Cameras

Aimex Cameras [3]

Ansco Cameras [4]

Amcam Cameras [1]

Bags and Cases [21]

Cash in Australian dollars.

Baroness [1]

Money Order in Australian dollars.

is shown with a particular camera it indicates that I do not wish to sell it, however if you really want to buy it, make me an offer.

Cameras: The Facts by Emanuel and Matherson

There appears to be considerable delay which is caused by security checks etc. in the delivery of items from Australia to Overseas Countries. If speed of delivery is concern it is suggested that items be sent by AIR MAIL with INSURANCE attached to each shipment, even then delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Cheque (allowing 5 business days for clearance),

Even Cash in overseas currency is presenting a problem with the Australian Banks charging $10 to $20 as a fee to convert to AU$.

Please consider that in setting my prices I have the Australian market in mind, depending upon where YOU are in the world, some items may appear expensive, BUT…. others will appear very cheap!!!! Contact me if there is something there you are interested in. Also bear in mind the Aussie $ exchange rate at the moment is very vourable to most overseas countries, particularly the USA.

Bedfordflex [1]

All cameras, flash units, sundries etc. are sold in as is condition,new york escort I have done my best to give an accurate description of each item, however I have no expertise in thozcamera Camerasis field being only an amateur collector.

It is easy, safe and convenient.

All Prices are shown in Australian Dollars

Direct Deposit into my bank account.

Discovering Old Cameras by Robert White

Ag Cameras [43]

Asahi Cameras [1]

Please Note: A number of pages on this web site ( contain a large number of photos, such pages may take a while to load depending on the speed of the connection to your ISP. If the data appears to stop loading, Cameras, try holding down the Shift key and press the Refresh button in the View menu.

If you are able to pass on to me information in regard to any of the cameras I have listed, thereby enabling me to give a more informed description, such information will be greatly appreciated.

Cameras, Flash Units and Sundry Items from my collection are offered as collectors items.

You will find A Universal Currency Converter here.

As r as I am are aware the graphics and articles used in this site are in the public domain. I have been unable to determine that any of the graphics or article displayed here are protected by copyright and therefore assume that they are in the pCamerasublic domain. If you hold a copyright to any of these graphics or article, please notify me and I will be happy to list your name and copyright or remove the graphic or article.

Agilux Cameras [2]

Links To Various Camera Sites

Arco Cameras [0]

Apus Cameras [1]

Beirette Cameras [1]

Argus Cameras [2]

Balda [2]

Aires Cameras [2]

Mechanical and optical accuracy has not been checked with instruments and cameras have not been tested with film.

Bell & is condition, I have done my best to give an accurate description of each item, however I have no expertise in this field being only an amateur collector.

This web site was established in 2001 by John Cooper. It has been taken over as a going concern by Lynda Dean in April 2011.

McKeowns Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 2001-2002.


Aremac Cameras [1]

(Which is gratefully acknowledged.)

Adox Cameras [1]

Arette Cameras [1]

I am always willing to consider a special deal if more than one item is being considered, please feel free to contact me with an offer.


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