Discover the Right Digital Camera for You? Cameras

Face and Smile DetectionThe camera optimizes the picture around ce and ce tones. It even detects a smile before taking a picture

Micro Four ThirdsBasically a Point-and-Shoot/DSLR hybrid, blending interchangeable lens with a 4:3 aspect ratio

5 10 MegapixelsAlthough this is more than adequate or most photos, higher megapixel cameras are becoming more mainstream

HDMI ConnectivityView your pictures and videos on your HDTVs by connecting your digital camera to your HDTVs HDMI port.

4x 5x Optical Zoom3x optical zoom used to be the standard but more optical zoom can always help get you close to your subject, however watch out for blurring on close ups

Touch Screen DisplaysSome of the new touch screen cameras allow you to operate the shutter using the touch screen. Some people prefer the old dials and buttons

Wi-Fi ConnectivityWi-Fi makes sense, but wired connections like USB and FireWire connections are still ster and very reliable for data transfer

If you want the controls of a DSLR to compose pictures, Cameras but arent willing to carry the weight, these cameras are a good alternative for most common uses.

3DMost of these 3D cameras use two lenses to produce 3Discover the Right Digital Camera for You? CamerasD pictures or video that you can watch on your 3D TV

No longer limited to the pros,new york asian escorts budget DSLRs such as the Nikon D3100 will take great pictures, shoot 1080p video, and do it for less than $750.

Back Side Illumination (BSI)BSI is a way to provide more area for sensor which increases low light sensitivity

These easytouse cameras under $200 will give you much better pictures than smartphone cameras, as long as you remember to carry them with you.

10 14 Megapixels12 MP images are better to edit, crop, or zoom. You can always resize them down

New Scene ModesNew scene modes like happy mode that boosts color saturation and others that soften skin or create a fisheye view can be fun to use

16 21 MegapixelsUsing all these megapixels, youll get beautiful photos along with some big files however, you can always scale down the megapixels

GPSThese cameras will geotag your photos so youll never forget where they were taken. Some GPSequipped cameras can track your journey even when not taking photos


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