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Greetings, loved ones. Recently, I had to take a journey (not to California), but into the depths of the traffic disaster that is Beijings city center. I was so inspired after reading Kathleen Mas article in a previous issue of UNIT-E that I decided to take the (Beijing subway) to my meeting. Not only did I avoid jams in between ring roads and reduced my carbon footprint, but I came back with interesting stories and became an even more seasoned (Beijinger).

Im all for convenience when it comes to cooking or baking since time is what we all crave for more of; however, there truly is a difference between canned icing for birthday cakes versus the relatively easy-to-make buttercream frosting. Having tasted one too many cupcakes with an instantly recognizable canned frosting aftertaste, I feel compelled to share the easy recipe and encouragement for it yourself. You can always skimp on the cake with a boxed version.

Known for its Cantonese-style roast duck, tofu with crab roe and bao zai n (rice casserole), along with dim sum selections. …more…

Were not short of jokes these days. Comedy, from classic slapstick to professional stand-up routines, can be accessed in a matter of seconds through the Internet. The rise and spread of Internet subculture has also added to the general perception of humor, and what it does or does not constitute. But among this mass of traditional and modern forms of humor quietly squats one type that deserves more than the instant of attention typically allotted to everyday jokes. This is the subtle and generally more refined humor that is wordplay.

I have a confession: I like mom-jeans. I date myself by preferring this style of blue jeans as I know the negative connotation it creates, but let me defend my choice.

When Reina turned 3 and started kindergarten full time (her idea, not ours), we couldnt really justify having an ayi anymore. Frankly, Id rather clean house myself rather than have someone hovering about all day. And so, for the past two years, Ive been king of my castle (when home alone) and the maid of our flat. Pity me not for I have blissfully enjoyed my daytime solitude, especially since I work from a home office that looks like it has never been organized and would terrify even the most stalwart of housekeepers (let my piling system be!).

Im a 40-something mom of two who has pretty good metabolism but a strong distaste for regular exercise (yes, Im aware of the health benefits). I often wonder how I might look if I did exercise maybe that bikini would be more tempting during vacation. Then I snap back into my reality recognizing that if I didnt even care for bikinis in my 20s, why in the world would I start now?

A text message from my newly minted 11-year-old: Can we go to a Maroon 5 concert in Manila? Uh, was I really supposed to answer in the affirmative?

When Reina was about three months old,new york escort we boldly stepped into parenthood by purchasing our darling newborn her first airline ticket to the USA so that she could meet her grandparents, or at least so they could dote on her. To avoid possible pitlls, I emailed friends, solicited advice on Facebook, and queried members of the Beijing community about the wisdom of such a journey with a small baby. After considering the dearth of feedback we received, we decided to defy conventional wisdom and took the trip anyway. Besides getting a sore arm from carrying her around the plane when she wasnt sleeping, there were no major disasters (from my experience and observations, its the toddlers that have the most trouble on flights). Five years later, Reina still loves to fly on long flights and is more likely to get cranky if a plane ride is too short rather than too long.

After too many years on a very firm Chinese bed frame/mattress, I finally bought my girls Westin Heavenly Beds. I didnt splurge for the king-size since the girls are pretty small people, but the single option turned out to be about the size of a U.S. double, and that works really well for our needs. I didnt mind paying the price, but the promotion of buy-one-get-one-free wasnt exactly as it appeared. It was more like buy one and the second is a 58% additional cost at that point, I was committed to the purchase and I didnt do more than point out that wasnt truly a BOGO offer. We have different promotions, I was told.

One problem is that I know she was serious. While she might not have thought through the ct that Manila is a plane ride away and significantly adds to the price of a concert ticket, she simply figures that as long as were in Asia, why not take advantage of these adventures. My bigger concern — does she feel so enHumor beijing-kidscomtitled that this wasnt a big deal to request?

We all know that market products are ke. They smell ke, they are cheap both in quality and in price, and no matter how much you hear that theyre real, Humor they are not. We might be more inclined to believe something is real if we buy from a reputable storefront. Even then, upon close examination, we see the misspellings on labels or other tell-tale signs that we may have been duped.


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