Psychology Humor

Psychiatry cartoons by various people, part of a larger medical cartoon and joke collection.

On todays program we have three giants in the field of psychology, including none other than the ther of psychoanalysis, Dr. Sigmund Freud! Who are the other two giants? Well find out at the end of the show.

A Science Odyssey: Thats My Theory: Freud

Psychology humor and satire from, featuring On the Psychologists Couch by Gunborg Palme and Dr. Frank Fromans Sunday Ramblings on the practice of psychology.

Off-beat, quirky stories about psychology, therapy, and the life of a psychologist in New York City Humor

Single-panel psychology cartoons drawn on sticky notes. Free to read online. Also available for licensing.

Shrink in a Box

Often described as a sort of MAD Magazine of science, AIR is a print magazine. About a third of what we publish is genuine research, about a third is concocted, and about a third of our readers cannot tell the difference.

Psychology exposed for what it really is. Commentary on the field, misinformation on the cts and good fun for mildly neurotic visitors.

Biting satire on the academic review process.

Mental Health humor is Positive Mental Illness humor and Cartoons by: Chato B. Stewart.

Annals of Improbable Research

Personality Quiz

Coders have cracked the lingo of modern psychotherapy. Instant analysis from the worlds first psybertherapist: Shrink-In-A-Box; One-size-fits-all-psyches.

Instructions to Reviewers: A Satirical Commentary

Humorous links to psychological,new york asian escort model personality, IQ, purity and other psychology tests and quizes.

This site is designed to provide information and resources about the healing power of therapeutic humor. Includes articles, references, links, jokes, calendar of workshops and conferences.

Doctor Leon – Psychology with Attitude

Mental Health Humor by Chato B Stewart

Psychology Cartoons by Savage Chickens

Extensive collection of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, psychology cartoons available to license at reasonable rates for use in presentations, books, newsletters, webpages etc. Cartoonist Dan Rosandich has over 26 years of experience as a fulltime cartoonist.



MPN Medical Humor – Psych Cartoons

A variety of fun personality tests that provide analysis and advice by interpreting the users answers to various questions and eventPsychology Humors.

Cartoonist Mark Andersons psychology cartoons appear reguHumorlary in major publications including Readers Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes to name just a few. His psychology cartoons are available for your projects at reasonable fees.


On the Lighter Side of Psychology

Psychology Cartoons at

Quincys Personality and Psychological Tests


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