Intel® Core™ i5 Processor

Business Use: Intel®…Intel® Core™ i7 processors for business use accelerates responsive, and adaptive performance.

Dell XPS 12 Part laptop. Part tablet. This touch-enabled 12 convertible laptop combines the fun of a Windows 8 touch tablet with the power and productivity of an Ultrabook™.

Intel® Core™ i3 ProcessorAs the first level of Intels latest processor mily, the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor delivers a st,…

Toshiba Satellite Optimized for Windows 8, the Satellite U925t provides the performance of an Ultrabook™ with the portability and ease of use of a tablet.

Compares media and performance speeds between Intel® Core i5-3470 processor and Intel® Core2 Duo…

4. Requires an Intel® Wireless Display-enabled PC, compatible adapter, and TV. 1080p and Blu-ray or other protected content playback only available on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor-based PCs with built-in visuals enabled. Consult your PC manucturer. For more information, see

Compares performance speeds between the 3rd generation Intel® Core i7-3770 processor and the Intel®…

Ultrabook™ Convertible – LondonIn London, everything else seems old shioned with an Ultrabook™ convertible powered by Intel.

View images and HD video the way they were meant to be seensharper, smoother, and richer. (Part of built-in visuals, available only with Intel® Core™ processors.)

How to Easily Capture, Edit, and Upload Video from Your PCLearn how to make your own videos on your Intel-based PC.

HP ENVY TouchSmart Featuring an eye-catching metal design, the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook™ 4 offers a 14-inch multitouch HD display.

Unlock a world of premium HD movies and shows on your Ultrabook™ or PC. (Part of built-in visuals, available only with Intel® Core™ processors.)

How to Make Ringtones from Your PCMaking custom ringtones for your mobile phone is fun and easy with your Intel-based PC.

1. Requires a system with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology capability. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 is the next generation of Intel Turbo Boost Technology and is only available on select Intel® processors. Consult your PC manucturer. Performance varies depending on hardware, software, and system configuration. For more information, visit

2. Available on select Intel® Core™ processors. Requires an Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) enabled system. Consult your PC manucturer. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software used. For more information including details on which processors support HT Technology, visit

How to Make a Playlist and Share it from Your PCMaking a music playlist is fun and easy with an Intel-based PC

Effortlessly move between applications with smart 8-way multitasking, enabled when each processor core handles two things simultaneously.

Mechanical and thermal specifications for the 3rd gen Intel® Core™ processor mily in the LGA1155…

3. Built-in visual features are not enabled on all PCs,new york asian escorts and optimized software may be required. Check with your system manucturer. Learn more at

New PCs for a New Compute EnvironmentIntel® Core™ processors secure mobility, online rich media, business operations.

How to Group Video Chat Using Your PCGet together with your friends and mily anytime with group video chatting on your Intel-based PC.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Get it done in laptop mode. Stay a step ahead in tablet mode. Show the competition what youve got in tent mode. Bring it front and center in stand mode.

Charts detail resume time from deep sleep and media, 3D gaming, and everyday computing performance for the 3rd gen…

Take your gaming graphics to a whole new levelno extra hardware needed. (Part of built-in visuals, available only with Intel® Core™ processors.)

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK The LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook™ packs all the advantages of Ultrabook™ technology into a very solid reliable package which could only be built by Fujitsu.

2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family OverviewVideo: introducing the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor mily.

Spend clicks versus hours to edit, convert, and share your videonow your video is waiting for you, not the other way around. (Part of built-in visuals, available only with Intel® Core™ processors.)

VIZIO Thin + Light With uncompromising performance, and premium picture and audio quality in a remarkably thin profile, its the Ultrabook™ thats impossible to ignore.

Sony VAIO Duo 11 Its the best of both worlds: a full HD laptop and a touchscreen tablet. All in a compact, mobile design thats ready from the word go.

Intel® Core™ i7 ProcessorWhether its HD or 3D, multitasking or , 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors deliver top-of-the-line…

Ultrabook™ Convertible – EgyptIn Egypt, everything else seems old shioned with an Ultrabook™ convertible powered by Intel.

Embedded Systems Performance Increased with Wind River and IntelWind River software helps boost performance of 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ processor mily.

ASUS TAICHI 21 Featuring dual displays, Core it offers the performance of a notebook when you need it and the convenience of a tablet when you dont.

How to Record Streaming Audio and Create a Podcast from Your PCSee how fun and easy it is to create a podcast with your PC.

Compares performance speeds between the 3rd generation Intel® Core i7-3920XM processor and older generations.

How to Organize and Share Photos with Your PCSee how fun and easy organizing photos on your PC can be

Acer S7 Storm Acers thinnest and lightest touch Ultrabook. This computer is designed to help you explore sides of yourself you didnt even know you had.

Compares performance speeds between the 3rd generation Intel® Core i5-3570K processor and the Intel®…

NCR Corporation 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Processor TestimonialNCR on how 3rd gen Intel® Core™ processor-based transaction retail solutions support their innovation strategy.

How to Capture, Edit, and Share Audio from Your PCRecording and editing audio on your Intel-based PC is fun and easy.

Samsung Series 9 Introducing the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook™ with the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor. Premium power and speed in a stunningly slim body.

Wirelessly stream all the things you lovemovies, photos, websites, and morelive from your Ultrabook™ or PC to your HDTV.

Business Use: Intel®…Intel® Core™ i5 processor for business use has 4-way multitasking capability.

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