Student Escapes with 6 Laptops 3 Cameras and a Turtle in Earthquake


Literally it means clear bright festival and it celebrates the rebirth of nature, the beginning of the planting season and other outdoor activities.

: v. believe


Tomb Sweeping Day


A poster published by Sina Weibo user Lisisisiyuan () on April 21st is currently trending on the microblogging website. The post features the caption: this brother took six laptops, Cameras 3 digital cameras and a turtle whilst running out of the dormitory. He saved the dorms entire fortune by himself. Esteem surges to him like a river.

College Student Escapes with 6 Laptops, 3 Cameras and a Turtle in Earthquake

: v. to disclose

: n. humor

:Cameras n. turtle

otes to the Words:

CStudent Escapes with 6 Laptops 3 Cameras and a Turtle in Earthquakeompared to the recent murder of a Fudan University postgraduate student by his roommate, with poisoned water from a drinking water dispenser in his room,new york asian escort model this students brave behavior has impressed many Chinese bloggers. By 1.06pm, April 23rd, the poster had been forwarded 426,875 times and received 56,747 comments, including feedback awarding the student the title of the Good Roommate of China.

: n. confidence


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