Core Yahoo! Education

The hard or fibrous central part of certain fruits, such as thCore Yahoo! Educatione apple or pear, containing the seeds.

Computer Science A memory, especially one consisting of a series of tiny doughnut-shaped masses of magnetic material. Also called core memory

A cylindrical sample of rock, ice,new york asian escort model or other material obtained from the center of a mass by drilling or cutting.

Electricity A soft iron rod in a coil or transformer that provides a path for and intensifies the magnetic field produced by the windings.

Archaeology A stone from which one or more flakes have been removed, Core serving as a source for such flakes or as a tool itself.

The central portion of the earth below the mantle, beginning at a depth of about 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) and probably consisting of iron and nickel. It is made up of a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.


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