Humor persuasive speech

Humor does not have to be words. Humor can be Humora cial expression, body language, a gesture, a twinkle in the eye or a sense of playfulness.Obviously, humor can also be funny words, a word image or word picture, speech exaggeration, an accent, a flippant attitude.

reduces friction,

Where else can humor be used to improve persuasive communications and create a memorable message? Consider:

humor quotes brings the wise humorous words of respected leaders that we most likely admire, and places a smile on our ces.

40th Birthday Humor, 50th Birthday Humor, 60th Birthday Humor- Presentations at work, a Board Meeting, Speech-

Humor oils the way,new york asian escorts

Your audience will love speech humor that is spontaneous, and natural. Being yourself.

A speakers humor is vastly different to the humor of a professional comedian. As mentioned above, a speakers humor can be multi-ceted, and most important very powerful if it is natural.

A speakers humor serves as

Answer Machine Messages funny humor – now that is unique – Any speaking occasion really.

Your audience will love a quick one-liner, adhoc and off-the-cuff words. Even an appreciative chuckle or a smile.

So, how can YOU be humorous ?

reduces barriers, Humor,

To assist you in the development of your persuasive argument.

Conclusion: spontaneity and naturalness.

gives the audience permission to move and squirm in their seat as they laugh theyll love you for it, otherwise they have to sit very still.

Humor can be good and bad.

A comedian on the other hand, tells a joke, and in itself, it is an important statement. Whereas for a speaker, it supports, cilitates and oils the way for the important message.

Your audience will detest cliched jokes, especially if they are irrelevant to the speech topic.

– Instructions to a team or a group.- Birthdays:

Secret: humor quotes and jokes can give YOU the edge in any speech and pHumor persuasive speechresentation. Here is how this can be done.

provides an energy in the room.Why consider humor in a speech ?


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