Core CORE Paddles

You will first notice that the paddle is surprising light. The paddle swings incredibly nicely and the blade pulls through the water without flutter.

Founded by paddlers. Driven by passion.

Jasper Polak, ROKX AT

Really excited for the production series from Core to come out. I used one of the prototypes in my last mexico trip on the Alseseca and Jalacingo rivers. Between the ergonomic grips, the strong carbon fibre blades and the seriously badass Easton aluminum shaft, this paddle surpasses any other Ive ever used.

Straight off the bat, this paddle rocks.

I sold my Werner Ikelos this week, I have a Core instead.

Joel Kowalski, Core, Team Test Paddler

I will sum up my thoughts of the paddle design , grips, blade power with one sentence.

worlds best paddlers.

over a two year period. Exhaustively tested by some of the

Steve Horvath – President / Chief of Design

Developed in conjunction with Easton Technical Products

The shaft is both technically and in feel superior to anything Ive ever used, hands down the best shaft available. Great playboating paddle, I would defiantly recommend this to any serious playboater looking for a high end paddle.

Stronger,new york asian escort model lighter, ergonomically superior and only

Everyone wanted to check out the new blades. General consensus – no one is buying a paddle till they can get their hands on a CORE 🙂

All designs, rights and media are tCore CORE Paddleshe property of CORE Paddles Inc.

ObsessedCore with innovation.

We are CORE Paddles and I want to personally

welcome you to a new age in paddle performance.

Bryon Dorr, Next Adventure

available through CORE.

Billy Harris, Team Test Paddler

Over all, with the longevity potential, materials used and design of this paddle I will say it is the best paddle I have ever used.

Shaft, Sick! Well done on a bomber product.

US – Canadian – European Patents Pending 2010

Best paddle I have ever used.I highly recommend the new CORE ww paddles and look forward to getting my hands on a CORE touring paddle and CORE C-1 ww paddle soon.

I love what you did with the Grips, HELL YES. The shafts seem absolutely bomber.

Lachie Carracher, Team Test Paddler

Dave Nieuwenhuis, Team Test Paddler

Ben Fraser, Team Test Paddler

Mark Hall, Delta Kayaks


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