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The Landmarks in Palo Alto, CaliforniaPalo Alto, Cameras, California, in the states so-called Silicon Valley, is home to many tech companies, as well as the renowned Stanford University. While the city is most commonly thought to be on the forefront of modern technology and education, it also is home to a number of historical landmarks that date back to its 19th-century origins. These sites include private residences and commercial buildings where events critical to the rise of communications, computing and the Internet originally occurred.

Download Problems With a Canon Camera 30.2Canon digital camera users must download drivers to their computers in order to upload pictures, edit images and perform other tasks across the camera-computer intece. Canon offers a software CD known as the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk that contains these drivers and other useful photo applications. Version 30.2 of the Solution Disk contains programs specific to editing and picture browsing.

What Chemicals Are Needed to Develop Film?Developing film is a chemical process that actually brings certain elements inherent in the film stock into focus. Learn about what chemicals are needed to develop film with help from a talented photographer who has masterfully honed his craft over the years in this free video clip.

Camera Settings for Close-Ups IndoorsIf youre shooting close-ups indoors, there are a few key camera settings that youre definitely going to have to use. Learn about camera settings foCameras – How To Informationr close-ups indoors with help from the owner and photographer at TamyCamerasra Campbell Photography in this free video clip.

My Sony Camera DCR HC 40 Crashes Vista When ImportingThe DCRHC40 camcorder was released by Sony in 2004. It comes with a USB cable for importing files from the camcorder to a computer. Many Sony DCRHC40 users encounter no problems when using the import feature in Windows Vista, but you may find that your computer crashes when you attempt to import. There are four main causes for this crashing issue. With troubleshooting,new york asian escort you should be able to resolve the problem and get your Sony camcorder to import photos and videos to your Windows Vista computer.

How Do I Design a Home Photography Studio?When you set about designing your own home photography studio, there are a few key elements that youre definitely going to want to include. Design a home photography studio with help from an experienced professional photographer in this free video clip.

Digital Photography Aperture TutorialAn aperture and a lens is basically like the pupil inside of your eye. Learn about digital photography aperture settings with help from an experienced professional photographer in this free video clip.

Buying a Point &hich includes 3D televisions, camcorders, digital cameras, computers, gaming systems and more assessing compatibility between 3D devices can be a headache. As long as you have the proper components, Sonys DSC-TX9 Cyber-shot digital camera and NVIDIAs 3D Vision computer display system work with one another.

Transferring Photos From a Canon EOS Rebel T2i to an iPadIf youve used the Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18-megapixel camera to take high-quality photographs for showcasing them on your companys website or in a PowerPoint presentation, you can transfer the images to your iPad for viewing and editing them while youre out of the office. You dont need to first upload the pictures to your computer — use the iPad Camera Connection Kit to upload the images directly from the Canon camera to your iPad. This kit includes both the camera connector and an SD card reader for importing videos and photos.

Digital Photography Tips for SLR LensesWhen using SLR lenses for your digital photography, youre always going to want to keep a few very important things in mind. Get digital photography tips for SLR lenses with help from an event and wedding photographer in this free video clip.

How to Manually Rewind Film in Your CameraManually rewinding film in your camera must be done very carefully to avoid permanent damage to film that has already been exposed. Manually rewind film in your camera with help from an experienced professional photographer in this free video clip.

How to Ruin Camera FilmRuining camera film is something you can do in an unfortunately large number of ways due to the general light sensitivity of the film itself. Ruin camera film with help from an experienced professional photographer in this free video clip.

Instructions for Remington CCD CamerasRemington security cameras with built-in CCD image sensors are able to capture an optical image and convert the image into a electronic signal and display the signal directly on your monitor without any additional hardware. Once these cameras are installed, they constantly transmit their signal to the monitor, meaning nothing further must be done after the initial setup. If you want to set up and use a Remington CCD security camera, you can do so by simply connecting the camera to a monitor and power source.

How to Work the LG Vortex VideoThe LG Vortex is an Android-powered smartphone with an onboard 3.2-megapixel digital camera. The Vortexs camera takes VGA- and QVGA-quality video at resolutions up to 640 by 480 pixels. Camera functionality is handled by the Camera app, which you can use to capture still photos as well as videos.


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