South African Performer Combats Prejudice with Humor

Ngesi sprints onto the stage to blaring music from the Star Wars movies, heightening the sense of drama in the hall in Johannesburg.

Sit back and enjoy this rollercoaster ride of some of the races of South Africa! White people, try [to] ululate! Afrikaners, pretend its a rugby gameSouth African Performer Combats Prejudice with Humor! And blacks I know you know how to make noise! So, make a lot of noise, and welcome on stage, the dark and lovely, the Ace of Race, Siv Ngeeeeesi! bellows the announcer as one of South Africas top comedians prepares to perform his latest show,new york asian escort model Race Card, to an eager audience.

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The comedian says hes able to tell such risqu jokes because he has a special personality (Courtesy S. Ngesi)

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Well, lets start; lets begin! Ngesi exclaims. Lets start with blacks! Im going to speak about all races, so everyone will get a chance to be offended!

And with that, the comic begins a systematic deconstruction of the different racial groups of South Africa, their idiosyncrasies, their prejudices and their clichs.


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