Cameras Blu-ray Players

If you are a n of movies, there is a good chance youre a n of Blu-ray disc players too. While most models allow you to view your old DVDs upscaled to 1080p, the latest Blu-ray players can now display 3D content, support BD-Live and wirelessly stream music and videos from various Internet providers. Blu-ray players also differ in design and size, with some being extra-sleek and incredibly-thin while others have a r design which can still be nice to look at. At IntelliReview, we cut through all the clutter and bring you the best players in the market. We do this by collecting and evaluating lots of reviews from many websites all over the Internet. Both the positive and negative reviews help in determining the products rank. A vorable review raises the ranking of the product while a negative review lowers it. Indeed, browsing our list makes it easier to find a Blu-ray player thats right for you. Our proprietary system of choosing the top Blu-ray players works really well. When you shop at IntelliReview, you know you are dealing with items that have excellent quality. This also enables you to concentrate on more important matters like price and features available.

Pros: Great image quality, Easy set-up, Built-in Wi-Fi, Fast-loading, Simple-to-use remote control

A Blu-ray player is a good complement if you own a high-definition TV, as it can render all the extra detail and picture quality that a standard definition TV cannot. It can also upsample your old DVD discs so that they look better when viewed on an HDTV.

Pros: 1080p playback with DVD upscaling, Sleek design, Wi-Fi capable, Rich streaming media selecCameras Blu-ray Playerstion

Cons: Limited Viera Apps, Not capable of playing DivX and Xvid files

Go for a model that has either a wired or wireless Ethernet option to be able to access more content as well as software updates.

Cons: Streaming media intece can be confusing, Slow loading time, Limited memory

Review: Sometimes, the st ideas are the best, as proven by Sonys BDP-S590 Blu-Ray player. Instead of its sides being at right angles to each other, they slope gently inward, giving the S590 a more avant-garde look. Combined with the textured look of the top cabinet and the flat-profile buttons on the nearly-invisible front panel, you get a media player that looks much better and visually more interesting than the generic black box. Its looks aside, however, the Sony BDP-S590 is a competitive addition to the mid-range Blu-ray player market. It plays Blu-Ray and DVD discs with astounding 1080p high definition, with the latter getting an added bonus by being upscaled from its native resolution to a better one. The 2D-to-3D conversion feature, on the other hand, takes standard media into the third dimension. Internet capability is likewise represented, with the S590 being Wi-Fi ready through a wireless network adapter or through an Ethernet port at the back of the unit. The S590 can play media like DivX and MKV stored on USB devices with two ports -one at the front panel and the other at the back. The real strength of the BDP-S590 shines with its suite of streaming media services. Among its offerings are the usual ones like Netflix, Cameras YouTube,new york escort Pandora and Hulu, along with Sonys own SEN or Sony Entertainment Network. It can even play back media on networked storage or other devices, as it complies with the DLNA standard. As an added bonus, this Blu-Ray player can be controlled using a Bluetooth app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, or Android Phones and Sony Tablets. It can also be used with Bravia Sync, allowing remote controls to be shared across different devices. The Sony BDP-S590 Blu-Ray player is a great choice for any entertainment center, since it collects the best parts offered by several products into a slim, sleek package. There are some issues though, like the intece that it uses for some of its streaming media services. The Sony BDP-S590 uses an intece similar to that of the PlayStation 3 for the main streaming media page, which can get a little confusing since there are a lot of content providers shown onscreen. There are a couple of points on the hardware side of things too, like the relatively slow loading speed of this player, as well as its limited memory that may affect playback of BD-Live content.

Planning to get a 3D-enabled TV? A few Blu-ray players support playback of 3D content stored on optical discs and display them on a compatible TV.

Review: The DMP-BDT220 is another great Blu-Ray Player from Panasonic, overflowing with features and having a user intece that is r from being mediocre. The menu is easy to navigate and the remote is to use and has dedicated buttons for instant access to Netflix and Skype. A Panasonic remote control app, available for both Apple and Android devices, can be downloaded so that you can turn your smartphones and gadgets into a fully functional remote control. As an added bonus, up to 4 users can program their own settings with their own usernames, icons and home screen walls, and Skype callers can even leave messages if you have an SD Memory Card (minimum of 512mb) connected into the front panel SD card slot. The units integrated Wi-Fi allows a cable-free connection. There are limited Viera apps but it includes the usual internet apps like Netflix, CinemaNow, Amazon Video on demand, Hulu Plus, Vudu and Pandora. The DMP-BDT220 boasts outstanding picture quality across the board. It plays movies, music and pictures off your external hard disk drive and handles 3D discs and standard discs very well, producing high quality images with incredible detail and precise colors. A front USB port can be used to play stored images, video and audio on your flash drive. 2D-3D Conversion does what its supposed to do and is not more of a gimmick. Movies are also playable in 24p format, when paired with a 24p capable TV, for true cinema quality. However, it doesnt play DivX and Xvid files which can be problematic for some. As a whole though, the Panasonic DMP-BDT220 is all geared up for entertainment and for home theatre enthusiasts looking for a mid-range Blu-Ray disc player that doesnt show any degradation in image quality. The bezel is also stylish, with a glossy front panel and matte finish on top, and thin enough to fit different desk arrangements and space constraints.

Consumer Passion is based on our proprietary algorithm based on the number of positive votes (as reviews) and adjusted by the percentage of negative votes.

Get a player that has extra input ports if you want to watch media stored on removable media like flash drives.


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