Support growing in NYC Council for cameras to bust speeding drivers; state Assembly approved budget bill that included a pilot program Cameras

A 63-year-old man was killed after a fire broke out in his Bronx apartment early Wednesday, officials and witnesses said.

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What happened to my ther as he walked to work that day was not an accident. It was an entirely preventable tragedy, she said. Speed cameras are the cheapest, most sensible way to catch drivers violating the speed limit.

Mayor Bloomberg has long wanted to install the cameras, but state legislation is required. It would also take a home rule message from the council. Quinn said the body will pass that as soon as the legislature acts.

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Cameras have allowed the city to dip into the pockets of drivers who run red lights and now there is growing political momentum to use them to punish speeders.

There are so many traffic-related laws that weve seen which we know are simply about revenue. For us its hard not to be skeptical, said Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance. She argued that radar-containing signs that show drivers how st theyre going would be more effective.

Councilman James Vacca (D-Bronx), who chairs the transportation committee, disputed that argument that the real motive behind the push is to fill the citys coffers.

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City Council Speaker and mayoral race front-runner Christine Quinn, and a host of other councilmembers, are backing the measure, citing a spate of recent high-profile traffic deaths linked to Camerasdrivers putting the pedal to the metal.

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Opponents of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn created a spoof of her mayoral campaign website Wednesday to highlight her refusal to allow a vote on legislation mandating paid sick days.

More shooting was reported in the upstate where police were searching Wednesday afternoon for a gunman who killed four people and wounded two others.

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A budget proposal the state Assembly adopted Monday included a plan to launch a test program that would install 20 cameras in school speed-zones; the fine would be $50.

More than 120 police departments around the country use cameras to catch speeders, and in some cities theyve prompted lawsuits and efforts by state legislatures to ban their use.

The proposal, included in the budget plan the state Assembly passed Monday, is controversial. In other parts of the U.S., like in Elmwood Place, Ohio, where this camera was posted, it has led to legal action. A southwest Ohio judge on March 7 ordered a halt to a speeding ticket blitz in the village of Elmwood Place, saying its a scam against motorists. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman blasted the cameras and the thouSupport growing in NYC Council for cameras to bust speeding drivers; state Assembly approved budget bill that included a pilot program Camerassands of $105 citations that resulted. He ruled that they violate motorists constitutional rights to due process.

The 16-year-old boy shot and killed by a pair of cops was hit by seven bullets during the Brooklyn confrontation, officials said Wednesday.

The legislature has yet to approve a final budget plan.

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For Lindsey Ganson, TAs chief operating officer,new york asian escort her fight to bring the cameras to the five boroughs is personal her ther was run down by a speeding driver in Brooklyn four years ago; he spent a month in a coma, and still suffers from debilitating brain injuries.

Speeding is tragically the No. 1 cause of tal crashes in New York City, Cameras, Quinn said Tuesday, citing the young couple and their unborn child who were killed in Williamsburg last week when their cab was slammed by a driver going twice the 30-miles-per-hour limit on Kent Ave.

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In most parts of New York City, the speed limit is 30 miles-per-hour.

I dont believe in the gotcha tickets when it comes to traffic enforcement, he said. This is not something I view as a revenue-raiser; this is something I view as a lifesaver.

Attorneys for the two Steubenville, Ohio, football players who authorities say raped a teen-age girl last summer withdrew motions to dismiss charges after a West Virginia judge ruled that two of the alleged victims friends could be compelled to testify.

Red light cameras have clearly done their job and anti-speeding cameras would clearly be effective, Liu said.

Two of Quinns mayoral rivals, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Controller John Liu, support the cameras, which under the Assemblys plan would target drivers who exceed the posted speed limit by at least 10 miles-per-hour.

The state Senate has not included the measure in its own budget proposal. Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) predicted it wouldnt happen.

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We have more pressing issues in the city and in the state, he said.

Training a network of cameras on lead-footed motorists has generated controversy in some U.S. cities , where drivers say its just a back-door tax but key elected officials in New York are trying to sell the issue as a matter of public safety.

Transportation Alternatives, an influential advocacy group in the city, also supports the idea.

Support growing in NYC Council for cameras to bust speeding drivers; state Assembly approved budget bill that included a pilot program

Red-light cameras monitor traffic at the corner of Second Ave. and E. 42nd St. in Manhattan. A growing number of city lawmakers supports using traffic cameras to penalize drivers who speed.

Speed cameras are a smart deterrent, a smart deterrent that will reduce speeding, improve enforcement and, most importantly, save lives.

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