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Bottomline: We think the NX200 is a capable interchangeable lens camera for the compact upgrader. It is packed with useful features, a large image sensor and a good range of lenses.

The bad: Camera body less than ergonomic; i-Function feature tedious to use without inbuilt viewfinder.

The good: Responsive touchscreen intece; pancake zoom lens optimized for videos; excellent combination of physical buttons and touchscreen controls; customizable buttons.

The bad: Four-way keypad hard to view in dim light; pancake lens zoom function not intuitive.

So youre done with your smartphone camera and have decided to upgrade to a good video-oriented shooter capable of recording higher-quality videos. While dSLRs and advanced compacts are capable of capturing full-HD videos, we think mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) provide a better balance between size, versatility and video quality.

The RMIT business graduate ventures to work every day with camera in one hand, and laptop in another, taking over the Internet one review at a time.


The good: Fast and accurate autofocus performance, ergonomic grip, addresses past issues.

The good: New image sensor performs better at high ISOs than its NX100 predecessor; fun in-camera filters; pleasing color rendition in stills and videos.


The good: Excellent image and video quality; ergonomic grip; inbuilt flash; new kit lens good for videos.

Overall, a capable camera for videography lets you shoot video in full-HD 1080p and comes with the ability to focus continuously. It should also be equipped with a dedicated video button for shooting candid scenes, an onboard stereo microphone for better audio quality, and an ergonomic grip for steadier videos. Heres our pick of five mirrorless cameras worthy of your consideration.

Bottomline: With its superior low-light capability,new york asian escort model st shooting performance and wireless connectivity, the NEX-6 offers a compelling package for the compact upgrader looking for dSLR-like quality in a small size.

Bottomline: The GX1 stays true to the Lumix G-series cameras with its user-friendly hybrid touchscreen and physical button intece. The camera also comes with a useful host of features and customizable buttons that would satisfy the advanced user.

Olympus has just unveiled its latest Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens camera (ILC), the Olympus Pen Lite E-PL5, which comes as a replacement to the popular Pen E-PL3. The key difference this time is that users can expect an improvement in image quality and shooting performance as the company says the E-PL5 will be using the same sensor and image processor as the Cameras for first-time movie-makers – Roundup – Cameras – CNET AsiaOlympus OM-D E-M5.The E-PL5 will come with a Touch AF Shutter function which gives users the ability to choose focus points and fire the shutter with the tap of a finger. Shutterbugs can also swipe and enlarge photos when reviewing images in-camera.


Bottomline: The V2 offers blazing st autofocus performance and provides excellent video performance for its class. It also comes with fixes to the issues found in the V1.

The bad: Lack of st lenses in lens lineup.

The bad: Less-than-user-friendly menu intece; PlayMemories app store still unavialble in most of Asia.

Compared with the typical point-and-shoot or the average smartphone, these mirrorless cameras are fitted with larger image sensors that have better light-gathering capabilities for better video quality in low-light conditions. While dSLRs have the ability to swap lenses, Cameras, mirrorless ILCs are more compact and many of them can focus continuously during video capture.

He now does reviews, how-to guides, and scours r and wide to cover anything camera-related under the sun. When hes not behind the desk, the former freelance photographer enjoys wandering about documenting his life with his beloved medium format film cameras.

Fueled by his passion for all things photography, Shawn decided that a writers position reviewing cameras is the perfect job.


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